Playing Monopoly

Ever since we distinguished ourselves from the basic slime, control of supply has been the immediate aim of wannabe millionaire higher algae. On games throughout the world with a trading basis, people attempt to control supply and destroy competitors…

It is not a higher strategy, it’s only a few steps more cerebral than hit the guy and take his stuff.

This is my first post using Windows Live Writer which has lurked on my computer for long enough. I did some research looking for an open source or developing alternative to use as a blog editor… maybe one that would work with Open Office. But has to be said, this is the best and it is free.

Just one problem…

Windows isn’t going to support it much longer. Which means we’re left with this or a very few alternatives most (if not all) of which have died and are not being worked on, with posts from 2008 or so on their shrivelled blogs and forums.

That’s not the free market working, that’s it dying.

Which is why, leddies and gents, governments all over the world make monopolies (and cartels)


Designers of trading games would do well to take heed. If a few are controlling all, if trading only happens at the top – design ways to challenge control of supply into the game plox. Monopoly is fine in a game setting, but you don’t want to be left with only the few winners playing.

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