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I like the new Helldawgie models! (Wurm)


It says it’s vegetarian, Martha

(not the best picure sorry – it was killing me at the time!)

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Special ! (Wurm)


Village House 🙂

Sometimes, just acting from the heart someone will do the exact right thing at the exact right time and it blows your socks off.

It’s been unpleasant logging into Wurm lately… shutting things down though not quite as heart-wrenching as I feared is still dismal work, all those plans that are never going to be pursued, people who won’t be neighbours anymore. And it goes like sludge too, this being Wurm. I much prefer goodbyes not to be long drawn out affairs. By the time I hit the disband button I’ve mostly thought “oh thank heavens that’s all bliddy over!”.  Independence is hard to give up. I’m doing it now though. And I’ll be keeping Celebration as planned but I’m not in my new (hopefully much easier) routine yet.

Anyway, definitely didn’t feel much logging in but got this excited pm from mayor Xal, who was jumping up and down with suppressed glee. I know I have my own things and they are nice, but there is something special about when someone puts their real time into making something for you, and Xal had made me a house. Well that’s not quite all of it, actually he’d built two and I was to pick one! hehehe 🙂 (I know he meant it, he could just have decided which one was mine.) As well as my own place I’m a villager and alliance member on Exodus, which I love! Cause sometimes I like being a villager, I just do. And this is a very nice village indeed.

I thought it was going to be hard to pick, but when I walked in my house I knew it was the one. You see, as well as a talent for doing the right thing at the right time, Xal has another even rarer talent – he builds just the right house for the person he’s making it for. Amazing. I adore Xal’s houses, and I particularly love this one. And now I’m happy playing Wurm again too though Xal didn’t even know I wasn’t. Result!

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If I was PWE I would (Neverwinter)

definitely give everyone currently in Neverwinter and upset about the rollback … a cat 🙂

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Rollback Rage (Neverwinter)

Rollbacks aren’t the funnest things in the world, true – ask anyone who played Wurm over the last few years. On the other hand sometimes they are needed. You can’t have an economy run on cats :). Well, actually you can – it’s pretty classic. If a currency loses all value people will find an alternative to use.  I quite like the idea of an economy based on cats.

But back to rollbacks. So you lose things if you’ve been playing heavily and it’s rolled back. Usually there is some form of compensation, and Cryptic is going to give out something, we know not what. A rollback is not the end of the world but if you look at some of the comments on places like Massively and some of the forum rage, you’d think it was pretty bad. Insults heaped on Cryptic too. Actually Cryptic isn’t top of my list for Greedy Game right now, or anywhere near. They are middling in the moneygrabber league.

Heh. And then there’s that if you were exploiting and now lost all your “wealth” you can’t really go to a public space and yell about that can you :).  Have to find some other subject to vent about. Rollback has worked I’d say,  just judging by the volume of squeaking over something which really, honestly, isn’t that earth-shatteringly awful.

Would a complete wipe work better? Not if the aim is to pull worthless currency out fast. You only need to go back as far as the exploding cat phenomenon for that, and the exploiters are best tracked and dealt with one by one. The pressure for a full wipe couldn’t possibly be an attempt to make tracking individuals unnecessary, could it?  Hmmm? I think it could, just maybe, possibly be so.

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I’m sorry I was so resistant to Twitter!

I hope I didn’t call it the work of the devil ….errr…. yes, well. I have been using it for a couple of months now and it’s really quite sweet. It does a very nice job indeed of aggregating news sources in a superbly concise format and saves me loading sites that are heavily overburdened with ads and tracking software (not only exploitative but o so sloooooooow).

It also does an extremely good job of letting me know when something is happening, far, far faster and more efficiently than the kingmakers (our mainstream media). If there is misinformation, there is no shortage of people quick to correct – which is no surprise.  The few with a mission aside, most people prefer truth and accuracy. (Yay for people!) I don’t have any apps yet – that’s still to be explored. If anyone knows any good ones I’m willing to have a look and give ’em a whirl. The bus remains my cleanest source of news, since I can filter it via how well I know the person talking but Twitter adds a new window to the world, which is welcome.

In particular, I like the way it undermines the kingmaker-media completely. I suggest they stop believing their own selves and have a good gander at what their potential customers really think. Might find it something of an eye opener (giggle) – and a rather large clue as to why their influence is waning and their sales are foundering. Still on the subject of the kingmakers I suggest they find a personable lefty to be nice to and rather quickly 🙂 – the right, right, right and right are not grabbing the public’s imagination in quite the way intended.

I’m in such a good mood today. I really don’t mind being wrong and admitting it – it actually cheers me up, it’s just like losing a wart. Now for some more Neverwinter!

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Freedom to protest peacefully is a rare and precious thing

So rare nowadays that there is much shock expressed that it actually happens  hahaha. I think “hahahaha” just about sums it up how I feel about a politician been heckled in Edinburgh anyway. Put away your brown-shirts nobody got hurt and no missiles were thrown, no arrests – (hahahaha!), people, (real ones!)  just, you know…. protested…loudly in a public space.  Anyone remember what that’s about or are we all so sense-dulled that a very basic human right now ‘reads’ to our brains as a “surely-it’s-a-crime?”

As I wrote before, freedom of speech is as neutral as gravity. You can say what you like, but it’s probably not a good idea to jump off a cliff. Or try to do a  PR shoot  in an Edinburgh pub – you’ll get told what people think in return,  loudly and very clearly. We also headbutt terrorists up here btw. (I’ll get in trouble 🙂 – Glasgow headbutts terrorists 🙂 is what I meant to say).

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Only $ 8 billion, I’m soooo tempted!

What do you think readers? Shall I buy Activision-Blizzard?

Well who of us WoW players hasn’t fantasized walking in there and shaking the thing up? I definitely have, more often as I became more tired of some of the stupider things in WoW. I’d… separate the pvp and pve rulesets and stats, get rid of “school of hard knocks”, open the buildings in Stormwind and all the other cities,  retrieve all that content they stripped out, introduce housing –  zazz up endgame – the list goes on and on! Some fun to be had with the other assets too I have no doubt, and not to forget the satisfaction of demoting some overhyped personnel.

Well, not this year. Got other things I want to buy ( – much less costly things like  … food), but yeah it’s …tempting.

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Little Gem (Trip Through Time)

I know I now officially keep small games and unusual and old ones safely listed at the other blog where I can’t lose them, but I’m waiting for a child to arrive home (oh sorry, teenager) and came across this:


which filled the gap perfectly. (I hate that weird wait time before people arrive). It’s a simple idea, simple ideas are often The Best – plus, the sound track made me all happy!

Also unlike the 2 below it runs perfectly. You cannae fake good code


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City of Steam first look

City of Steam open beta started at some ungodly hour this morning and I definitely didn’t stay up for it because I’m old leave me alone sort of thing. This morning however I logged in to have a look. It’s quite nice. There are some techno-niggles, but it’s fun and light and it runs. Being a browser game downloading wasn’t a problem. Unfortunately the screenshot I took came out black, will try later, but you can doubtless see what it looks like from other places in the meantime.

The Unity Web Browser chugs, no doubt about it. I’m not sure it’s great on complexity. My fps was between 2-5, but the game was still playable by some miracle. I meandered through the tutorial until the part where I have to find some coal wagons. Got two, couldn’t find the third and it’s time I did something else. I think we are all evacuating from a city, but I’m still not properly awake, and I’ll pay attention next time I promise.

Mainly I was exercised by the control system and camera which combined are annoying. Perhaps the people who made this game played a lot of isometric games, just guessing. WASD, AS= strafe, no turn, never a good sign. Then the camera which you can toggle out of isometric follows very loosely and definitely does not turn with your character. It’s ok, you get used to it. Use right mouse button to turn, go forward, adjust view with rt mouse button. Constantly tweaking the view via mouse though, which does not make the gameplay flow.

The other problem which is minor or major depending whether they address it, is needing to be exactly positioned to pick things up. Things despawn. Plus lag = annoyance when I cannot get into the exact position fast enough to loot. Opening doors temporarily freezes the wasd buttons. Opening doors also needs pixel positioning, and opening doors can leave you running on the spot (even with click to move disabled). Meh, these are all just niggles. The game itself is nice, nice enough to go back for another look for sure.

There are some  things I bet they are glad they included given the astounding lag and chuggy engine:  pressing an attack autotargets anything attacking you. That’s helpful given the awkward controls – means you can fire back before you struggle around trying to see what is having a go at you. And also helpful is that the basic attack is an autoattack (well mine was on the arcanist), meaning even with the lag some shooting at nasties happens. At tutorial levels this is enough to triumph.

I do think though, and same with Neverwinter,  if the only real fight is with lag and the controls, I won’t be playing that much which is a shame. Doubt the makers of City of Steam would be wanting to port their game away from Unity (I’m guessing here) at this early stage, but maybe an autoloot keybind and a bitty work on door opening could be considered if there is no way to deal with the lag. And best keep the fights forgiving. Oh yes, also,  I never found the logout button, if there is one. Logged out via esc and then logout option in what looks like an unrelated menu bottom right. Made the game feel as if it was still in it’s IDE.

Anyway that was all fairly pleasant, if a bit worky. Nice things! Loved the train window when you first enter the world with the blurry scenery (sort of) going by. The cityscape and graphics are interesting, and the story seems to hang together (what I remember of it). There are instanced minidungeons even in the tutorial. Can’t comment on any other systems (I think I have the bare beginnings of some kind of spec). Most of the game works fine as far as I can tell which is all I ask from the tutorial phase of a newly released game.

It’s later on that I get picky!

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Hey, this is quite fun! (first quick look Neverwinter)


At first I found Neverwinter pleasant in a steady, middly way. Then I got used to the controls a little and the very new strangeness of everything eased. Once you get to just playing without thinking about your fingers too much, it’s really a very nice game. The controls are a little strange – to me anyway – a reticule points you and the wasd keys move you (strafe not turn for ad), there’s that. Also there’s just the normal learning things. I haven’t managed to figure out how teleport works properly for example, but then I’m only just starting this Control Wizard.  I do have a Guardian that I’ve taken to level 8 too, and that was a blast!

As is to be expected from Cryptic, download, install and play worked just fine on the old laptop. The graphics look ok on highest setting, and it still runs well for me. This is a good thing because the graphics are pretty hideous at less than best settings, very jaggy. There is some lag in cities – but all in all the performance is not bad for a game at the beginning of its life. I expect things will smooth even more in the coming months but  even if they don’t, play is acceptable.

Alas, can’t comment on companions or crafting, or anything too deep yet. I hope I find time to play this enough to do so though. Being a D&D game, the dungeons are the thing, and they are fun – corners to explore, treasures to find, lever mechanisms and of course monsters. Combat includes positioning yourself and blocking attacks, which is all flavour of the month just now. Dancing about waving your reticule isn’t really what I enjoy but fortunately it isn’t maddening and I mostly hit what I aim for and stay out of trouble. It would flow more smoothly if there was just slightly less lag I think – but Cryptic was smart enough to make fights quite forgiving, your reticule doesn’t have to be exactly on what you aim at, nor do you have to be pixel-perfect when moving. (Mind you I can only comment on the lower levels.)

One thing that’s really well done is you can group or solo at will. What a breath of fresh air that is! I’m not sure if there is some coercive choice there – possibly groups get better loot? Well, I have a lot to explore still. I’ve not been nagged to spend at every turn and so far my bags are adequate but there may be trouble ahead on that. I believe bags can only be bought for cash. I hate it when you’re forced to pay for bagspace and have never bought a bag for cash in a game yet – doubt I will this time either. I’d prefer to shop for a nice outfit or mount sometime.

So far I am liking this game. It doesn’t have much of a virtual world feel, more like being in a stage-set. You cannot explore at will, and so far quests have been “on rail” affairs – not my normal kind of game at all, but I’m coping 🙂

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