A quick description of what led to this blog is here:


As for me personally, well I prefer to be private. I’m also very ordinary. A middle aged lady with a household that expands and contracts with school holidays, the coming and going of friends and family etc. I like to play games instead of watching tv in the evenings when the day’s work is done because the non-interactive media of the day is at best dull, at worst agenda-driven and at normal too much of an advertising vehicle. Pretty tedious pickings. Games, on the other hand are fun. (Books are ok!)

I’ve had an interesting life so far, travelling a lot, living in some 4 countries and working in many fields, and I suppose things I’ve done in real and places I’ve been do inform this blog even if I don’t go into details. To me the important part is that I enjoy writing it, and hope it’s a pleasant read.

Update March 2013: While I’m finding out what it does I can be followed on Twitter as @Cabbidges

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