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The Dust Settles (housemove)

First and before anything I want to say sorry to the people whose comments I didn’t manage to answer while we did all the heaving and shoving. In my world if someone takes the time and trouble to speak to you, it’s a naughty thing not to take the time and trouble to listen and respond, so heartfelt sorries from me for that. (Of course some people open their mouths to release nonsense too – but if I hadn’t learned to deal with that somewhere along the line, I’d not have lived eh. That doesn’t happen very often though, and generally a thank you to everyone who gives me the time of day is how I feel about people who are kind enough to comment here.)

Very relieved I am that all this is over now, I must say and happy to be back here blogging, almost as usual. There’s a lot still to organise. We don’t have beds! So I suppose that’s a priority, sort of (hehe). I rather awfully don’t mind sleeping on the floor and am not inclined to hurry on that, but I realise other people aren’t as daft. I’m also not the worlds most enthusiastic shopper (understatement) and will have to make a special effort – ugh. I’ll do it next after writing this.

There was a ton going on between moving and being in the middle of Edinburgh during the Festival and gaming suffered bigtime. Poor laptop – it’s not been the same since it crashed while trying to load Vanguard while the servers were down. I know they’ve been doing some work on networking for Vanguard and maybe that contributed to the crash. Anyway down she went, and I couldn’t fix. Not because I couldn’t fix, but because I couldn’t get in to my own system. A fiendish combination of UAC (aged lappy is still Vista) and AVG meant that not even a chkdsk was possible. It would load as far as the AVG files then stop. AVG may not be the culprit, they swear they aren’t (but then they would), but that’s what happened. As a result I’ve discovered the wonderful world of boot USB’s but I lacked the time to really sort out a solution, and in the end took my beastie to a professional for a much needed clean and blast of air and to get the hard drive reformatted safely.

After that Wurm wouldn’t work. It still doesn’t, GW1 had the 2x Windows Media Player running in the background again (and I still haven’t remembered how I disabled it). Plus my down arrow key doesn’t work (but that’s due to wear and tear). I’m fond of my laptop and my computer professional person is looking for a replacement keyboard as I write. To cut story short, all my games need their little tweaks and workarounds redone, and I just don’t have the time.

But EQ2 still runs and I’ve played that a lot – certainly enough to justify a sub. That will continue now until other games come creeping back over time, but then I’ll unsub. If you play a lot, a sub is not bad value. It’s not great, but it’s not bad. The price point is wrong in my opinion, but my explanation will look like err, something only I could come up with: 15monetary unit/month only translates to .50monetary unit/day after a moment’s thought. In the first split second it comes across as daysinthemonth x2 (i.e.60)  monetaryunit per month and that impression stubbornly persists, against all math and logic and has to be re-undone every time I think 15monetaryunit. That will be because of how my brain works of course and I’ve no idea if anyone else shares the same reflex. At the risk of seeming even stranger another example is: 10monetary unit/month: first impression = “only 10!” – no calculation at all you will note, followed by “do I like this game 10monetaryunit everymonth much?”  I think the point I’m making mostly is that price point is a lot about how people subjectively budget or see numbers. If you don’t have some kind of personal relationship with numbers, I should think I can be safely ignored.

On the other hand a personal relationship with numbers does have some merits – I have an arithmetic system that is based on how I personally think about numbers. It goes “hmmm I don’t like that number I’ll change it to one of my favourites” plus some reverse engineering at the end. This works just fine and is very quick unless you’re  unfortunate enough to get yourself in a position where you have to add up columns, for which I have a different system(aha!)  (or grab a calculator works too).

How did I get on that subject? Oh, probably by trying to avoid shopping for beds.

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