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Happy New Year ! (2015)

I suppose in the grand scheme of things, taking a prolonged break from blogging isn’t such a bad thing, but it does feel like a loss. I don’t know when I’ll get proper internet back and I’m not managing to blog without it. Yes I can go and sit in a cafe. I’m not finding the time. White flag then – I surrender. For now.

Anyway I’ve managed to get it together to do a blog today. Jolly glad to see the back of 2014 which was full of ghastly details accumulating to a generally repulsive whole. Personally I was busy enough to be insulated from every frightful little detail for which I am hugely grateful. I did enjoy the Scottish Referendum, because it got people thinking, moving and challenging – an effect which has not died down at all. Still plenty going on on that front!

I carried on with the Graet Declutter, and am now on more granular, finer details – and a few biggies that have proven hard to shift. I took more not v good photos & getting better at that. I learned some coding, some graphics, some stuff about the equipment I already accumulated – learning phase now approaching an end. Well not so much an end as a gradual blending into being more creative which brings neatly to the first thing I’m looking forward to in 2015 – less nose to grindstone this year. Oh, and about time too !!

2015 does promise to be exciting, not in a planned way, but just as events move in the world. I feel pretty wooly about what I’ll achieve in 2015 because the last year was so disrupted in every conceivable way, so I’ve got into the mindset of just fielding what comes along, returning when I can to the greater plan, such as it is. I don’t think it’s time to shake that mindset yet. We’ve got a weirdie General Election in May in Britain and who knows what the poor electorate will have to endure before during and after that lot. They’ve certainly had an assault the past 4 years. I’ll stick with fielding the crises, I do think.

(The woolly plan consists of preparing for retirement as best I can, quick sum up. Quite a lot is ok, some isn’t, I started thinking about it early and putting things in place early which will probably have been a good thing when I get there, if I’m spared. I’m happy with that plan. World domination it ain’t but it suits me fine.)

As for gaming, well I’ve not played anything online for some months. Only just starting to miss it now, and not that much. It’s a bit naggy and hoopy. Once you’re logging in to some company,  it’s yapping for money, or you have to do/be this & that  before getting to satisfying gameplay. I have been exploring the world of single player games, mostly old ones which are lovely and cheap. (Uneasy acceptance of Steam continues.) And I play some new games too – if I thought for a minute that I’d be online more, I’d promise to blog about them, but as things stand I don’t think so, so I’m not making that promise.

So, it remains to wish all readers who still somehow miraculously follow this blog A Very Happy 2015!

It promises to be an interesting year, full of changes, not all peaceful (they never are all peaceful). Anyway we have no choice but to live through it, and only a little luck is needed for it to bring some much needed freshness into our outlook. Heaven knows 2014 was full of stale, dull mindsets.  Don’t know what it was like where you were but here it was some kind of groundhog year, a state that will end if for no other reason that running on the same tracks in a futile circle endlessly gets profoundly boring, and humanity doesn’t do boring very well 🙂

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