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Cosmic Scottish grannies on the bus

Of course the grannies I meet on the bus were all punk rockers in their yoof – I’m pretty mild compared (and not granny yet). I am in awe. I was upset enough about retroactive lawmaking to post about it. It’s not the first time they’ve done it, I know. Last time it was to claw back taxes. What a perfect illustration of how ends do not justify means. Didn’t take long to start changing laws they found themselves inconveniently contravening.  Much of our life up here is still affected by Westminster. Today the date for a referendum was announced though. Perhaps soon Scotland (which has it’s own legal system anyway) will soon be independent. I hope so.

I will leave the featherduster on the crystal ball for this one and not take a guess which way the referendum will go.  My worthy busmates had a certain small bright gleam in the corner of their eyes though and the conversation was alive with humour. I think it is fair to say the grannies and I relish the sparring ahead of us (whatever the outcome).

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News from the bus…

Today the chat was all about finding the credit union, our local one. It’s been knocking around for ages and we don’t think it’s gone to the Bahamas or anything but it has always had irregular hours and tends to appear here and there now and again – peripatetic is the very word. People have remembered we have one, and are looking for the darn thing. I tend to forget it’s there too.

By one of those peculiar cosmic coincidences I wrote about before, I had a chat with someone about it and then also got a letter from it today. What are those things? Why does it happen? Twilight zone is it? The credit union now appears to now have opening hours – there’s a first. I won’t quote anyone on why any pennies clawed with bloodied hands from our lords and masters are headed into the credit union and not the bank. Scottish colloquial language can be extreme, specially when people are annoyed. And people are annoyed. Looks like it’s going to be a good year for the CU then…

Oh I forgot – don’t break out the Halleluia chorus just yet but the meat from Lidl was ok. I think I still detected the handwash (or whatever it is) but it was at a “probably just me” level, and nobody was put off from eating it. There’s a relief. We’re still peas mostly (all veg) but the Asus fund is slowly progressing. That’s different – that’s doing without for a cause!

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News from the bus

It was nice weather to do the weekly shopping today. Nobody chatted much though, so I looked out of the window. Used to be a supermarket close to me but it closed – I never used that supermarket. They charged average prices for sub-par food, so it’s closing isn’t a bother to me personally. The local butcher has shut too though so I can’t check out his meat. An hour and a half round trip to do the groceries, so plenty of time to hear the scuttlebut!

Anyway, no chatty folk today. I think there are less people whizzing about in cars too you know. The roads seem quieter. I noticed that several times this year …Lot of building going on… (!), they’ve been building in this area for over 20 years non-stop and so that’s nothing new. Still zero local economy though, hehe, one day someone will figure it out. What else. Few days ago met someone on the bus had been to three or four pharmacies looking to get a prescription filled. I didn’t think much on it at the time, but seems like that’s becoming some kind of problem. Getting your prescription filled now requires a trail from one chemist to another – whatever next!

This week I am trying out pork chops from Lidl in my search for meat that tastes like meat and not like handwash. Here’s hoping. ‘No meat’ is saving us money, and was part of the “save for an Asus” plan anyway, so forced vegetarianism isn’t too dire but I find a thoroughly varied diet to be the one I feel best on and I’m a bit at the “ugh more peas” stage. Yes, I have varieties of vegetables (and fruit and nuts and noodles and barley and carrots and stuff), many many many different  … they all remind me of peas now.

One small child hated meat I remember, and loved cabbage (yes I am blessed). I remember the fatigue of looking after really little littlies fuelled by endless cabbage, too tired to cook myself anything different. I know we ate other vegetables and things too… but they all ended up seeming like cabbage. All I remember now is the cabbage! It was a the Time of the Cabbage! It’s happening again!

Only this time Everything is Peas…

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