HotS City, Killer Flowerpots (Wurm)

This is actually a fruit salad. I didn’t play a lot of anything in June because of the move. Only Wurm really, just to see if I could (ie check the interenet in this flat is ok). There were flowerpots to make – I managed one! And my Exodus Alliance decided they needed a challenge, so now I’m a HoTS. Which means I can write bits about PvP except everyone is paranoid about spies.

But I’ll secretly try to screenshot a tile of mycelium! Except I’ll ask the mayor first if it ok.

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In which I am not surprised.

Back sometime in March I was railing away at the current state of affairs and wrote:

“They all sound disjointed and overstimulated to me. Has anyone ever checked for lead in those ancient pipes? I do hope no money is going up noses.”



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Little Gem (Trip Through Time)

I know I now officially keep small games and unusual and old ones safely listed at the other blog where I can’t lose them, but I’m waiting for a child to arrive home (oh sorry, teenager) and came across this:


which filled the gap perfectly. (I hate that weird wait time before people arrive). It’s a simple idea, simple ideas are often The Best – plus, the sound track made me all happy!

Also unlike the 2 below it runs perfectly. You cannae fake good code


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Meanwhile, under a car park in Edinburgh

The things I walk on top of daily. Nobody does upmarket-creepy like us!!

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Yay for young people with brainssss

gzzzz on your celebrity young man, you completely and utterly deserve it!

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Wishing a peaceful Easter to All

It’s a beautiful day here, cold again but in that clear sun-on-snow way. Here’s wishing everyone who kindly reads this blog a good Easter and much choklit !! (or equivalent).

Happy Bunnies!

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Think I wrote all that to let off steam…

(No not that Steam hahaha!)  I’m pretty sure I personally will manage the horrid year (lentils rule ok!) ahead but something in me hates watching people flounder and blame themselves for a situation that’s been borked elsewhere. It’s probably a mom thing.

By golly the pressure builds up though eh!

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So I was right, 2013 for Archeage – yabut, if it’s yet another pvp game with a sandbox for attracting fodder I’m keeping my 50p. Drawing my line right here in the sand – pve sandbox or go home!

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Make a million!

No, it’s not dust this time 🙂
Will someone start manufacturing and selling these already pls, and send me one.

I doubt I can do it myself but nonetheless you may be sure the next dead printer I find will have its innards investigated for a stepper motor.

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Jack the Ripper didn’t play video games

Neither did any other historical mass/serial murderer from before we had video games. Nero? Nah don’t think he played WoW. Oooh, I think I just saved a lot of money that was due to be spent on research!!

Mind you I bet Dracula plays Farmville.

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