Hmmm might be an interesting Wurmday…

collision…   multistorey… update….

….     [10:06:11] 3 minutes to shutdown. Reason: Maintenance restart. Up to thirty minutes downtime. (suspense, suspense…)

irc: Manny: “This update contains the new collision code. Multistory housing is not done”


(some servers back up – 12 noon). Placeholders for ferns!


animals escaping all over the place!!!!…. champions, hell-horses, aggros


I don’t dare look at my deeds – anyway I gotta go, but irc has been a lot of fun this morning

Here’s the bit where all hell broke loose a few lines after Rolf said he was going off to lunch:

accwin wow everything gone wrong troll walking freely on deed…
11:22 dipse champion?
11:22 accwin yes
11:23 Tokeri thank you sincor
11:23 accwin dog gone out of the pen
11:23 dipse yeah all big animals learnt how to escape it seems
11:23 sincor Champion deer escaped there pens, 2 of my champs trolls where running free.
11:23 accwin best they now can go in and out of house i dont rly wish to kill it…
11:23 *** Ame joined #wurm
11:23 *** Madboy joined #wurm
11:23 *** Ame is now known as Amethys
11:24 *** reddd joined #wurm
11:24 Madboy so is it possible to build multi storage houses .. my bad english put a stop to understanding the news
11:25 sincor not yet, Code for it is near done tho.
11:25 reddd Errrrrr
11:25 reddd All champ animals have gone walkies
11:25 reddd And Hell horses are dying to templars
11:25 reddd Since this update
11:25 sincor Yip reddd the update let all ago’s and Champs out of there pens
11:26 reddd Roll back pl0z
11:26 sincor ^ I alreasdy heard someone lost a 5 speed hellhorse
11:26 Madboy what happened to the experimentals ??  bulls and cows loks like the old ones
11:26 Madboy Holy crap =)  we got champs crocs and bears on deed =)
11:27 Madboy better not go home then
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