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We have another downtime today…

After the last one, my own animals were all staidly where they should be but at Xalorum’s deed the horse field was depressingly empty. (I did join there as a villager, and I love being part of it – thank you Xal. Indeed some alliances are very, very cool indeed. Something special there.)

So there has been some chasing about after stray horses, a lot of checking that things are ok. Life on Wurm has been checking on stuff and trying to remedy the damage. I personally am ok with this, because it’s soo exciting to be on the sidelines of something developing. But it’s not a joy for everyone, that’s for sure. I also have the luxury of not being too heavily invested in anything ingame, an unexpected benefit of not having a lot of time to play, so I can afford to just roll with events.

And there really are some interesting things going on – lookit this picture from the forums (credit to headhunter!) – the dyes!!! This should go on the main site imho.

The ferns were just …. ferns in the grass. One day maybe we will get them in earthenware pots. And I’m still trying to think of a plausible way for drapes to be extremely useful in pvp, so that there might be a chance of those…

My pumpkins are back! On low settings I have been farming invisible pumpkins for some time. (You get used to it.)

I can’t work out if axes parry or not. Or if they do if they should… I’m sure it will all come out in the wash.

Those are the things that affect me most. There is a list of changes on the website, but these always strike me as terse and incomplete. Usually find out the extra stuff from irc, or of course Twitter which some people insist on using instead of the official “news” on the site to give out information. It’s annoying – I’d prefer everything to be in one easily accessible place including all the juicy small details. Let’s hope the feverish, all-accepting obsession with social media subsides at some point so we can go back to having ungated competitions and a lucid plan for documenting changes in an accessible official place.


Got sidetracked there… and today’s bit from irc is:

gaah I broke unstable

it’ll lead you to the test server for now

er, i’m using unstable, seems ok to me. or did you just break it

just now

Oh dear…

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2 thoughts on “Life on Wurm

  1. I chased down some horses on deed and put them back. Strangely, one of Leg/Loke’s was on-deed, so if you see him let him know it’s in our pen. I haven’t been able to play at some as I can’t get wurm to work since I updated my OSX….

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