Send in the Inventory !! (grr)

Puh – leeeeessss !!


I’ve been playing video games for over ten years now and still, still! games ship and attempt to run their course without enough inventory. It’s irritating. It’s immersion breaking. It’s why I’m not playing x,y,z game. It’s a total pain in the ass!

See there I was on a rainy Saturday, time to play for once, and I started in The Elder Scrolls Online. Then after three inventory shuffles, which involve tediously logging into alts (alts which I don’t want to play yet, incidentally), I had enough. So off to Secret World where after half an hour I had to stop in the middle of something to deal with  – inventory. I like both games by the way. Would be nice to play them instead of inventory management. I heard GW2 is doing things with inventory and by then I’d figured out inventory was messing up gameplay, so off there. At least they are addressing the issue. Being new to Guild Wars 2, and having not even got a grip on the old inventory, the new one induced a sinking feeling – would have to watch a video to try and work out what on earth it was about. Watching videos isn’t playing either. But still, at least they’ve figured out that inventory issues cause people to go do something else. Another day I’ll watch the video.

I still had some Saturday left.

Of all the many games on my hard drive, only 2 could I think of where I wouldn’t end up playing inventory instead of the game. Where I wouldn’t have to stop in the middle of a dungeon to find a bank, vendor, crafting station. Where the stupid inventory wasn’t a constant obstacle. I went and played Skyrim. When my bags are full I can drop everything and come back another day to retrieve it at the end of a flower-picking odyssey. Not perfect but good enough.

EQ2 has the best solution. I have so much inventory there, that I can go and adventure as long as I like, right until I myself yearn for one of my homes, then to go and craft, sell, move furniture – hang stuff on the walls, until again the desire to adventure is upon me. They just give you loads of inventory and storage, problem solved. I have more capacity than I need, no interruptions to immersion. It is a pleasure to go and craft, sell, move furniture when I’ve had enough content, adventure and mayhem. It fits and feels natural.

So. There you have it.

Now, if only the rest of the industry would catch up.

Oh. And don’t think you can sell me bags. Why would I buy an inventory accessory for a game which I cannot play properly due to incessant inventory management? You think I’m going to reward that? By buying a BAG?


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4 thoughts on “Send in the Inventory !! (grr)

  1. Given the name of my blog you won’t be surprised to know that I love inventory management. It’s actually one of my main reasons for playing MMOs. Certainly in the top five.

    I like all kinds of inventory systems. I agree that EQ2 is fantastic but it does encourage vast hoarding. Allods, at the other extreme, has the smallest inventory I have ever used. I thought I would hate that but in fact it had pleasures of its own and taught me an enormous amount about managing limited resources.

    I don’t understand what you mean about GW2 though. As far as I’m aware there hasn’t been any change to inventory since launch. They did just add a wardrobe system, which allows you to store the appearance of all armor and weapons, which has a small, positive affect on freeing up space, but other than that it’s just the same as it always was.

    As for selling inventory space in the cash shop, that’s one of the few things I positively enjoying pay money for. Its simple, comprehensible and of permanent, lasting value. Exactly what a F2P cash shop should be selling, in my opinion.

    If you want to see a really, really terrible inventory system, LotRO is the place to go. I think it’s the worst I’ve ever used. Tiny icons, tiny bags, thousands and thousands of things to put in them. Just awful.

    • I like it too, just not so much of it. You know there’s acres between the pleasure of arranging one’s stuff, and having to go find a merchant in the middle of a quest or dungeon. It’s context. I like in EQ2 you can do adventures and *then* go and enjoy inventory. Oh yes GW2, I’m still very new there and as I wrote, they do seem to have a more interesting inventory than most. I absolutely love being able to store crafting materials in the bank as I go – that works really well. I think the wardrobe changes confused me in my newness. Do you not unlock skins or something through the inventory? (I’m probably showing my total ignorance). Thanks for the comment though Bhagpuss – I remain one of your fans!

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    • What a brilliant idea for a blog! (You’re added to my blogroll so that I can check I haven’t missed all the best posts.)
      And thank you very much for the mention too, it’s hugely appreciated!

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