A New Year!

I like new years – heck I like new days. Well now I do like new days. Used to be a time I’d be alarmed up, wack on the radio, grab something hot and stimulating and rush about like a punch-drunk hen and somehow end up where I was supposed to be albeit disorientated and groggy. But I sat up bolt-upright with a pounding heart and sweaty armpits once too often and it occurred to me that it was all rather nasty. Fight/flight mode is a horrible way to wake up. That was ages ago though, and not subject to any New Year’s resolutions this year as it is already sorted. (I discovered the joys of waking early and now it’s more “wake up and relax” then meander off to deal with things, much nicer. And no radio.)

I have a whole routine to waking up now, and very enjoyable it is – should write it up sometime. Can’t tackle a New Year quite the same way though, but there is that same sense of turning the page and starting afresh. It’s nice. So today is the day after New Year and I have a little time to blog. I prefer reading resolutions, but haven’t seen many – yet. Maybe other people are also only just getting to it?

A New Year definitely deserves a better plan. Either a new plan or a good rethink of the old one. My Graet Declutter is a longer-than-years thing but since the vast bulk of it is now done, I do need new plans for what remains. Code/hobby gets a review and improve,  Life! Life gets a few resolutions thrown at it 🙂 Here they are:

Spend as much time as possible with the next generation

Enjoy and treasure each day 🙂

Learn to take better photos

Not to play games that irritate me

Find yet more ways not to give money to horrible people (which has turned out to be more enjoyable than expected.)

I better not put more than that, it’s enough to be doing with. Chores and duties don’t get a look-in on my list, not only because I’m fairly disciplined but also because I see no reason to glorify them – stuff you are forced to do is pants, on the whole.  I also got no hopes for the world this year, it seems even more confused and bamboozled than usual. Life isn’t widely celebrated and valued out there alas, but life, for itself, is celebrated here in my home and always will be. So here’s a toast to the good things in life, and may you have all of them!

Happy New Year!

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