Farewell 2013

It was a year of change and upheaval for me,  and sad too. Now I recall it as something of a blur – that will be the mental defences which are still very much up.  As I sit down to gaze into the chrystal chandelier for what lies ahead in 2014 I find I am still very much en garde, alert, waiting for the next upheaval to upheave over the horizon, tense.

But there is no real lion in the room as I tell my body and mind, and no upheaval looming. I’m afraid my instincts remain unconvinced. And I trust my instincts, since I’ve had some years to learn to do so. So for 2014 I aint relaxed it’s fair to say.

The chandelier needs a good wash. No – it’s ignorance. For 2014 I think anyone who controls  people will get very nostalgic for the days when nobody knew anything. And I see lots, great big creamy blobs and blobs of misinformation to replace the silence thus caused, which might or might not be entertaining to look back on from the safety of a saner year, (when and if our media and internet become trustworthy again). Unfortunately education will continue to deteriorate too.

Update: In one of those coincidencsd I’m plagued by, Mental Health Cop Wrote this: http://mentalhealthcop.wordpress.com/2013/12/31/what-the-hell-is-actually-going-on/. Quite.

In general I believe the prevailing insanity will generally prevail, since having non-accountable bods in positions of responsibility is now the norm so that the little thrills and spills that could keep things running reasonably well just don’t happen these days. We cant move incompetents. It’s pretty bad really.

But not all gloom – in the big sense money is tight, I think consumer will be markedly king for a while, and of course consumers are already a powerful force for change – effective, direct and democratic. If you don’t like a thing, find ways not to give it money 🙂 – might be one of those years when it’s a good idea to ask for a cash discount and defo one to think about not delaying a medium sized purchase. Money is in a funny state. You could flip a coin whether it will fall over completely. Or not.

(Added: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/dec/31/move-your-money-high-street-fairer-society  – glad I’m not the only one who knows my 50p is more potent than the 5-yearly x.)(this post is growing like knitting)

So that’s a bright spot – sort of. Last year I warned “rough buckets” for 2013 – this year: some people want things the same, but more and more people are struggling. If at the top or the bottom, I’d say this coming year is about survival – good luck! And if you’re in what is left of the middle, well, the middle is generally the cushiony bit. I think it probably be less cushiony than usual but still pretty ok, (just don’t stumble!).

I’m kind of hoping we do get some spectacular crumblings of things that don’t work, but it will only happen as a side effect of someone way up there at the top panicking. So on that one, who knows.

Alas this year I didn’t game much and the that part of chandelier is pretty grimy – I am not current enough to comment at all. Really. I can think of things to say, but I’d be making it up, not guessing. The above is my best guess for 2014, done just for fun.

I hope you came out of 2013 unscathed, (or at least fitter and more flexible). I hope 2014 is a grand year for you – may your mettle, wits and knowledge increase! (What is mettle? I have found mine I think, but I’m very vague about what it is).

Farewell 2013.

Bring the new wine.

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