Yay NBI! (New Blogger Initiative 2)


To my joy and delight, headed by T.R. Redskies (http://www.trredskies.com/the-new-blogger-initiative-2/ and Contains Moderate Peril (http://www.containsmoderateperil.com/remember-the-newbie-blogger-initiative/) the gaming blogosphere is lit up like a welcoming galaxy for this month! I did a little “party” earlier to remember last year’s NBI because I thought it had been such a good thing, but THIS is what was really needed – these guys are doing it proper! And I am more than happy to add my voice in support, and my blog in favour.  So, if you are new, newish, not so new, old, or even fading, head on over to “Headquarters” : http://www.newbiebloggerinitiative.com/ where there are many many goodies, and much advice, and helping hands, and of course … a buncha really nice bloggers!

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