Irritation Fatigue (gaming in general)

It just struck me like a bolt out of the blue that  right now I’m only feeling inclined to play the games that irritate me the least. I think some kind of fatigue has set in, or lack of resilience when it comes to the immersion-breaking, tawdry, manipulative, verminous, tricksy, swindling, coercive ripoffery that is passing for the norm (… more fun than swearing). I mean … really!

In order I am avoiding:

bad performance, prefered playstyle, not enough bags, nag screens, forced anything, gimpware, paywalls, being game-punished for not logging in, toxic and unmoderated playerbase, hookerware-and-poses with no other options, lockboxes, pvp nerfs for pve, pve nerfs for pvp.

All the above are still so depressingly common, along with companies wondering why they don’t make money. Sheesh.

None of the games I’m playing now is perfect but I do play Neverwinter (no hidden sub, cash shop not too in face), Path of Exile (no doubt according to marketing people everywhere this should not exist at all), Guild Wars 1 (alas bag crisis but nothing else too annoying). None of my other normal, usual games do I feel like playing right now and I think they have too many items from my avoidance list is why. Irritation breaks immersion like nothing else.

Take me to another world! Drench me in diamonds, tell me strange tales and show me strange sights – fill my eyes with desire for digital goods that I wish to see often and own when I am in game – make the merchants preside over vast emporia of visual delight!  Let me adventure, conquer, fight, care, move with ease through layers of grandeur and mystery and own and accrue to something or create.  Allow me to feel Epic (you can tell I’m not feeling drawn to “gritty” just now).  Let me log out and know I was in a good place, and return because  I want to.

I will pay for that and the merchants will prosper and grow fat.

Update: and do you know what? Jeromai wrote it all far more eloquently and made better points too, here:

very worth a read.

More update: having played some today, added some more stuff to the annoying list! (and I have a feeling it is going to get longer still before I’m done with it.)

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