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I’m putting a new category on my blog – as with quite a lot of my blog it’s an aide-memoire. I’m checking which games still play on the laptop (more than before!) and constantly find I have to trawl the web for basic shortcuts and stuff I know I know but just cannot locate in my head. Actually it happens in life too. It is lovely to know that not being able to focus on more than one thing at a time *might* mean I’m bright, but in actuality it is something of a handicap. I think it probably means I’m more likely to walk under a bus while reading a map. Just for example 🙂

I also, it would appear, store trivial information in someplace well out of the way of whatever I’m doing/I forget things/I have diffuculty accessing stuff that isn’t immediately necessary – who knows who cares, a note in an obvious place has saved me hours of searching many a time.

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