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Whenever I try something new in Blender the first thing that happens is that I don’t know where some basic, very, very basic button is. Or what the shortcut is. A gibbering gerbil whizzes along on Youtube to ooohs and aaahs, and it’s all marvellous, but I end up looking for someone less speedcrazed from whom I will learn more. I can get back to gerbilspace later, armed with Knowledge.

I have never used the UV editor before but I wanted to play with it this morning. After looking at stunning things for a little while I was driven to things labelled beginner and found this tutorial where I learned exactly what I need to know. Brilliant.

Hmm now the everchanging WordPress embeds the actual video when I link. You can find it at YouTube by looking for:

Blender 2.63 Image UV Mapping Texture for Beginners (Mephesh’s channel)

I hate when applications second-guess what I want to do. Maybe it’s YouTube that’s changed. Maybe the sun is going backwards. Maybe it’s me. I wish people would stop ‘improving’ things that work.

Clear explaining meant I was done in a half hour – 15 mins watching, 15 mins fooling about. I made a basic textured cube, and on we go (thank you mephesh).



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