Special ! (Wurm)


Village House 🙂

Sometimes, just acting from the heart someone will do the exact right thing at the exact right time and it blows your socks off.

It’s been unpleasant logging into Wurm lately… shutting things down though not quite as heart-wrenching as I feared is still dismal work, all those plans that are never going to be pursued, people who won’t be neighbours anymore. And it goes like sludge too, this being Wurm. I much prefer goodbyes not to be long drawn out affairs. By the time I hit the disband button I’ve mostly thought “oh thank heavens that’s all bliddy over!”.  Independence is hard to give up. I’m doing it now though. And I’ll be keeping Celebration as planned but I’m not in my new (hopefully much easier) routine yet.

Anyway, definitely didn’t feel much logging in but got this excited pm from mayor Xal, who was jumping up and down with suppressed glee. I know I have my own things and they are nice, but there is something special about when someone puts their real time into making something for you, and Xal had made me a house. Well that’s not quite all of it, actually he’d built two and I was to pick one! hehehe 🙂 (I know he meant it, he could just have decided which one was mine.) As well as my own place I’m a villager and alliance member on Exodus, which I love! Cause sometimes I like being a villager, I just do. And this is a very nice village indeed.

I thought it was going to be hard to pick, but when I walked in my house I knew it was the one. You see, as well as a talent for doing the right thing at the right time, Xal has another even rarer talent – he builds just the right house for the person he’s making it for. Amazing. I adore Xal’s houses, and I particularly love this one. And now I’m happy playing Wurm again too though Xal didn’t even know I wasn’t. Result!

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