Rollback Rage (Neverwinter)

Rollbacks aren’t the funnest things in the world, true – ask anyone who played Wurm over the last few years. On the other hand sometimes they are needed. You can’t have an economy run on cats :). Well, actually you can – it’s pretty classic. If a currency loses all value people will find an alternative to use.  I quite like the idea of an economy based on cats.

But back to rollbacks. So you lose things if you’ve been playing heavily and it’s rolled back. Usually there is some form of compensation, and Cryptic is going to give out something, we know not what. A rollback is not the end of the world but if you look at some of the comments on places like Massively and some of the forum rage, you’d think it was pretty bad. Insults heaped on Cryptic too. Actually Cryptic isn’t top of my list for Greedy Game right now, or anywhere near. They are middling in the moneygrabber league.

Heh. And then there’s that if you were exploiting and now lost all your “wealth” you can’t really go to a public space and yell about that can you :).  Have to find some other subject to vent about. Rollback has worked I’d say,  just judging by the volume of squeaking over something which really, honestly, isn’t that earth-shatteringly awful.

Would a complete wipe work better? Not if the aim is to pull worthless currency out fast. You only need to go back as far as the exploding cat phenomenon for that, and the exploiters are best tracked and dealt with one by one. The pressure for a full wipe couldn’t possibly be an attempt to make tracking individuals unnecessary, could it?  Hmmm? I think it could, just maybe, possibly be so.

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