Freedom to protest peacefully is a rare and precious thing

So rare nowadays that there is much shock expressed that it actually happens  hahaha. I think “hahahaha” just about sums it up how I feel about a politician been heckled in Edinburgh anyway. Put away your brown-shirts nobody got hurt and no missiles were thrown, no arrests – (hahahaha!), people, (real ones!)  just, you know…. protested…loudly in a public space.  Anyone remember what that’s about or are we all so sense-dulled that a very basic human right now ‘reads’ to our brains as a “surely-it’s-a-crime?”

As I wrote before, freedom of speech is as neutral as gravity. You can say what you like, but it’s probably not a good idea to jump off a cliff. Or try to do a  PR shoot  in an Edinburgh pub – you’ll get told what people think in return,  loudly and very clearly. We also headbutt terrorists up here btw. (I’ll get in trouble 🙂 – Glasgow headbutts terrorists 🙂 is what I meant to say).

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