Only $ 8 billion, I’m soooo tempted!

What do you think readers? Shall I buy Activision-Blizzard?

Well who of us WoW players hasn’t fantasized walking in there and shaking the thing up? I definitely have, more often as I became more tired of some of the stupider things in WoW. I’d… separate the pvp and pve rulesets and stats, get rid of “school of hard knocks”, open the buildings in Stormwind and all the other cities,  retrieve all that content they stripped out, introduce housing –  zazz up endgame – the list goes on and on! Some fun to be had with the other assets too I have no doubt, and not to forget the satisfaction of demoting some overhyped personnel.

Well, not this year. Got other things I want to buy ( – much less costly things like  … food), but yeah it’s …tempting.

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