Little Gem (Trip Through Time)

I know I now officially keep small games and unusual and old ones safely listed at the other blog where I can’t lose them, but I’m waiting for a child to arrive home (oh sorry, teenager) and came across this:


which filled the gap perfectly. (I hate that weird wait time before people arrive). It’s a simple idea, simple ideas are often The Best – plus, the sound track made me all happy!

Also unlike the 2 below it runs perfectly. You cannae fake good code


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4 thoughts on “Little Gem (Trip Through Time)

  1. Hehe, I like how the man is bare-chested and the woman not. Typically a western view projected on that picture. (Sorry, the archaeologist in me awakened!)

    What kind of game/program is that? And why is there a look-through person jogging in the background? :O

    • Wow!, archeologist! Well I’m quite happy to see less chests and men in skirts for a change hahaha 🙂 – if you intend to breastfeed it’s wise to toughen nipples by exposure to the elements, little known fact. It’s a wonder we aren’t all running around topless. Babies are like bullclips, very painful to civilised covered nipples. err How did we get onto this?
      Oops oh yes – forgot to answer your question (doing Sunday lunch in background). It’s a small, side-scrolling game, deceptively easy at first, perfect for scraps of time. I haven’t played far in as the family is now about and all chaos has broke loose. Last week Teenagers Ate My Food.

      • Walk around bare-chested before breastfeeding, thanks, I’ll keep that in mind (for whenever that’s going to be needed). At least I’ll have some time to practice! 😛

        I agree on more bare-chested men! Like in games and such, yay. Finally some payback time for all those titles with half-naked women.

        No wonder women from tribal peoples in warmer countries aren’t covered that much, if I hear your story. Never thought about it like that!

  2. Lol, probably too much information 🙂 – you must have suuuch an interesting take on games though, with archaeology as a background. I don’t play any of the ones you do, but I’m due to have another look at LoTRo soon and see if it runs any better yet

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