Virtual Party celebrating the original Newbie Blogger’s Initiative

(Started- 2 May, updating through the month and leaving sticky for May)

…And there I was casting around for something to do on here! It’s around a year since the redoubtable Syp from Biobreak set up the Newbie Blogger Initiative, and it was a good, good thing.nbimedium

It is alas no more at time of writing, but many of us have fond memories – good excuse for a party say I. So, I’ll collate anything I spot written about it recently here, and also, if you’ve started a new blog since the original NBI, or are just starting one now, do put an url and short description in my comments. I’m only a little humble blogger, but some bigger bloggers sometimes stop by and that way we’ll have a few new newbies to cherish this year too 🙂

To start the ball rolling here are three blogs that are also remembering that wonderful initiative – in fact they prompted this post:
Links to many advice posts here : (this one has some extremely useful information in organised lists, I’m enjoying rereading some of these.)

9 May update: Wilhelm Arcturus has done a very thorough and cogent analysis of NBI 12 months on –
plus he has a talent for making the raw numbers interesting, lucky person 🙂

11 May: Heyyy!, Ravalation has a post out: – (ha!)(ha! as in just what was needed – an old new blogger, blogging a year on)  and sent us this pic too. This post is getting festiver and festiver! Thank you!


and look what Italic Pig sent moi. Italic Pig’s first blog post reads at December 2012 which makes it a new blog then, (love to be able to publicise more new blogs, hint, hint) It is a nice blog, a devblog with a science bent and I’m happy to give it some air here 🙂


(I am @ Cabbidges).  Wow – thank you!!

Had a little break from the blog to do some otherstuff and now it’s 16 May, two more related posts! Another new blogger still going strong – this is so nice to see, I’m really glad it worked out. Stnylan’s posts cover quite a few subjects there (must have a read).

and The Delver has added some good and hearty advice:, woohoo!  And there are sound words of advice from Rowan here too:

And MMO meltingpot has marked the occasion too!:

17 May and A High Latency life has written, which gives us some intriguing morsels of context and history for our lovely 2012 NBI

On we go…

Maybe we could do something every year? I’m not sure. I’ll leave such mighty decisions to Syp himself and the blogcommunity I think. But I don’t want the occasion to pass unmarked. And I definitely want to do my bitty to get others started or help them on their way. So if you’re starting out, don’t be shy!

…errr what is a pingback? ) (it ok I figured it out)

Some posts that I still remember:  Many of the older bloggers did advice posts (mine was “Curling up with a good bloog” it’s in here somewhere (and no it wasn’t a spelling mistake but  I know people pointed it out from kindness, so I like them, mwah!)). Some of the advice posts I read then, since I wasn’t a very old blogger, stuck out in my mind and I’m busy tracking them down. Here’s one:
the points about time management struck me at the time. I don’t spend as long over my posts as some people (just bat them out at a furious speed) – still. It does take time, and it’s worth figuring out how to fit blogging in amongst all the other joys of life.

And this one ha! glad I found it: about picking a name in such a way that it doesn’t become troublesome, an important but easily forgotten detail.

There was another one… Yep, got it: – that one’s really interesting. I don’t agree full-on because I try to keep all the parts of my life working together like a well oiled machinie, rather than partition things. So if an activity blurs into a worky thing I don’t mind. But nonetheless making a chore out of a pleasure is a silly thing to do. People do this in games all the time too, which mystifies me. People are… strange… (or it could be me…).

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12 thoughts on “Virtual Party celebrating the original Newbie Blogger’s Initiative

  1. Haha Thank for the link-love, brotha. I wonder if Syp will make any mention of it himself… after he gets back from vacation, that is. 😛

    • Arr, its sistah – I did drop him a line saying there’s a linkfest in his honor, who knows maybe he’ll drop by. I’m really just collating any posts that pop up now a year on and being welcoming to anyone new – keep in touch Ocha, nice meeting!

      • Sistah! Please forgive the faux pas. 😦 And a pleasure “meeting” you as well. 🙂

  2. Heh… there ya go – meeting new people was big part of the fun last year

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  4. NBI party, whohoo! I, too, have fond memories of the first weeks of the NBI, when I was still a very noob blog writer and… lets not talk about it. xD

    Here is a badge I made for all NBI ‘brothas and sistahs’:

    Party on!

    • Wah! That’s magnicifent – is it ok I put it up on the post??
      Lovely to meet ya, oh! and now I’m all intrigued about your experiences “not talk about it” eh :), well if you have any advice for new bloggers, I’d be happy to link. Have some virtual canape onnastick! Huggies!!
      P.S. I put ya on my blogroll, (may it bring you views)
      P.P.S and linked to your post, which I just discovered now I’m reading all the stuff I missed on your blog hahaha. Ok I promise to stop editing this comment now 🙂

  5. Hey thank you for the link!

    • It is totally my pleasure! Thank you back hehehe, and may you blog happily for years to come! … Are you still riding your bycicle? I tried it for a week or two some years ago and was absolutely terrified by the accident potential. Decided it wasn’t for me, but maybe you persisted?


      • Yes I am. It took me a few weeks to get over the accident, and it probably has made me more careful, but I also got stubborn. Not going to let any silly car drivers stop me, etc. 😀

  6. Thank you!

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