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The ancient laptop with it’s Vista (I know, I know) has always run Windows Media Player when I start Guildwars 1. I don’t understand all the intricacies but the Windows Media Player is somehow bound to the operating system only then the EU ruled that that was wrong so now it shouldn’t do that but it does. Or did. I have managed to disable it and I have no idea how, which isn’t very helpful to anyone including me so sorry. Old age…

This is going to bug me for a long time. Let me see, I accessed a submenu I’d never seen in my life before… where the heck was that thing? It was called “default programs” but it was not the “default programs” (a window’s special)  that comes up when you try to set default programs. This one actually worked. And I wasn’t looking for default programs when I found it which makes sense because they’ve obviously made it non-obvious. I’m definitely going Linux.

I didn’t know I had managed to disable the Media Player until I ran Guildwars which was a few weeks later, which doesn’t help. It hasn’t just gone by the way – when I log out of guildwars there is one of those disapproving “plung” noises and a pop-up with a red message complaining it can’t run the media player. Hope the lappy doesn’t explode then (somehow I don’t think it will).

Now if I could only remember the completely unrelated thing I was actually trying to achieve when I found this default program submenu, millions of people all over the internet who have fruitlessly googled “disable Windows Media Player”, “uninstall Windows Media Player” and “stop Windows Media Player from running ever, completely, kill it nao” will be very happy indeed.

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