Bought Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon

which is 50% off just now at Rampant Coyote:  !

and I’m keeping Twitter. The noise to signal ratio is colossal but I love not having to load online news to see the headlines. Regarding the heading I have had the demo of this game on my hard drive for over a year to remind me to buy it and now feel sort of guilty getting it at a discount. Delighted to have it though and expecting many happy hours with the full version after which I will doubtless write about it here (and on baby blog GamingIndie). I wish I’d stop writing about too many things at once… Do you think it’s the cold? I haven’t been able to get the heating engineers on the phone yet after the Easter Weekend so my flat is arctic, apart from this room which is a few degrees above zero. I’m over fifty and should probably be taking aspirin. Due to living in Scotland (it toughens you up) I find I can cope though. It’s much nicer being in my living room than being at a bus stop in the biting wind and rain/snow waiting for a bus. MUCH nicer. It’s a minor one-off problem and I’m fine.

Also, I have sufficient food due to a flying (bus) visit to the supermarket (nearest fruit and veg is 0.9 miles from me – our local economy is zero) and have been able to make headway with the paperwork and Wurm improve/repair. And box model spaceships!

Theres a lot of media interest today in the systematic persecution of the poor, ill, disabled and low-waged (yes it’s spreading upwards, average-waged people are next). Well it’s too late now to be making the right noises. All this stuff has been planned and going through parliament for months. Yesterday was just the final implementation. You know, it doesn’t matter whether you use a bullet, cold, hunger or ceaseless hounding and harrasing to kill another person. Dead is dead.

The press and tv have been just not reporting these policies or their logical outcome, which has made me feel as if I’m going slightly nuts. In future I recommend Hansard to anyone who “didn’t realise” this was about to happen. Statistics for hypothermia and suicide are not hard to find, I’m not posting them here. I’m not a big fan of statistics. However, even in their massaged form they show an increase already.

To cheer me up, I signed this petition (no, I don’t think there’s the remotest chance of him doing it since it’s not possible, but oh how I’d love to see him try. For the full year. Without help from well-heeled accomplices.) – Here I am with only a few days of cold to deal with. Not hard to imagine what it would be like if this was permanent. My heartfelt thanks to the other 347 000 people that also signed, over today and yesterday for reassuring me I’m not mad. I really was beginning to think I was on my own in thinking that all these measures are harsh. Or that nobody cares.

Update: at close of play today the above petition is over 400,000. It is very heartening to see 400,000 people calling BS in unison! I still haven’t managed to contact the heating engineer. And now I’m going to go and play S’makh-Daon.

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