Arg the heating

has packed in. I’ve made sure everyone is somewhere else (mostly grandma’s) and am holding the fort solo. I have an electric storage thing that will keep me warm, so it’s not too bad. Even so I’m in my hoodie. Being visited by people with soup. I refuse to call anyone out because it is Easter Sunday, of course. The funny thing is it was serviced last week. In this day of digital aids perhaps gas companies can time your boiler to fail during times when you will be charged double or triple for callouts??? hmmm…. Come to think of it tinfoil under the hoodie might work quite well and conserve heat. Whether it is a conspiracy is irrelevant. I’m still not calling anyone out until Tuesday.

I liked the format of the 3am post yesterday with the headings, so going to try using it again. (I’m being persuaded to abandon ship here, but meh, I’m ok. Plus still tired and in need of another peaceful day.) Figured out what’s wrong with yesterdays post – some fights are too big, plus there are just too many of them. Fights I mean – not tinfoil kind of “them”. To sum it up I’m worried how things are going in Britain but don’t fancy being squished in crossfire anytime soon. Ranting here is futile too. Most of the stuff needs to be settled through the courts at high levels. Meanwhile I strengthen the good things in life where I find ’em and keep an eye out for non-leech stragglers eh, that suits my temperament better anyway.

There is one thing I’d probably work to see improved – when the littlies are all grown and safe. That’ll be some time yet though. It’s a white fury issue with me, never mind red mist – I personally would be happy to see children’s social work dismantled one paperclip at a time and replaced with something that’s accountable, competent, properly monitored and effective. Too many failures. Of many kinds.  I’m stopping right there on the subject though. Now isn’t the time, and again, a rant here is futile.


It’s a perfect day for Wurm. I must say it’s nice to have 2 wild pigs come up and nose about while I fix a wall. The hunting cave looks like it’s worth expanding a little now too.


I’m having another go at all the paperwork while it’s peaceful round here. Thinning out old bills, tying up with string and depositing in mauve document boxes (hopefully never to be seen again !).

Vanguard (vital information!!)

Never mind the ultimate build, here’s how to move the store icon around the screen. Worth it’s weight in gold this. Thankyou, thankyou!!

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