Below zero again

Hmmmm…. mini ice-age? It’s not a lot below zero, but uncomfortable. Must be about a month now. More? Mostly staying inside places. I miss outside! Later today I will go out and risk breaking a hip. Meanwhile: ( .wav sound maker for that superduper retrowav. sound). Yes the neighbours think I’m mad. Apart from the one that’s also a computer nerd. He understands.

For anyone idly batting the same ball of string with a lazy paw (shall I try doing something for android?) :!/2011/10/android-development-eclipse-vs-intellij.html looks interesting (need to pay for this one). I don’t somehow think there’s a decent free/open source alternative for this task. (I’ll keep looking though). Eclipse really is orrible! The text editor glitches and you think you have an error in your code? Nah. Not doing that. Sry. It’s not only off the menu, it’s off the radar. 2013 now and a lot of open source is better (and more flexible) than paid alternatives (and more fun!!) – open source is for grownups now. Eclipse is an antique with very old-style bugs to prove it, the kind that miraculously vanish on restart , or mysteriously aren’t there when someone else tries your code, errors that come and go randomly between one run and the next identical run! Being free doesn’t excuse that kind of sloppiness nowadays (I haven’t used anything so bad in *years* !!).

I don’t have an android btw. I just want a learning-something-type reason to keep the emulator on my hard drive. (I’m not into clutter).

Maybe I should declutter the house again. Stuff is creeping out of the woodwork onto surfaces.

Blech still have paperwork. I’m on the second pass through the total paperwork in the house. This time reorganising it. Still 2.5 metres of the stuff in here and I’d rather be able to find that one bit I need easily. Now and again I find some I missed first time around and can throw away. Bliss. Plus paperwork means Wurm. I like this option.

It’s actually …oh… 3.20 am. I can’t sleep properly when it’s cold like this. The house is warm enough, but the cold registers somewhere in my crocodile brain and instinct is to sleep only for short hours then move around. It’s annoying – I could do with sleep after 5 or 6 weeks of this, plus I can feel the energy bill rocket every time I get up and reheat the living room in order for my bodily chemical reactions to function. On the other hand: (the series entitled ‘When'”) made me laugh so much that my heart has gone all warm. This is a good thing, I started the weekend very crabby. I notice more now I look back.

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