Update: Hmmmm !!

I see trending can be manipulated. Even in a good cause it’s still slanting, spinning, distorting things. A campaign today. (I know how to pick my time eh.)

Well, Twitter is very interesting indeed, but I get better clean information from just talking to people as I go about my daily life. Campaigns apart, also there’s an awful lot of regular-ish spam. Looks like bots. Mostly from people with something to sell. Musicians, TV personalities.

What is nice is that once you get rid of those it’s a quick way to check on favourite sites without doing the whole slow-load of an ad-riddled webpage which is trying to datamine you. And also enjoyable, I can find out what’s going on in ITV This Morning without having to watch the bliddy thing on TV. Sometimes they have interesting guests/stories.

Will keep for a while, but on this visit it looked heavily and easily hijacked – albeit in a good cause  – this time.

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