That was fun! (Wurm)

The changes to animal caps, movement and disease haven’t shaken out yet – but for me (at least until the latest change), for one day only, Wurm was extraordinary. Rolf is welcome to the silver I spent hiring a guard for the first time ever on Celebration because with the extra animals and mobs that feeling I used to have – of being in the wilderness and surviving by my wits and carving out my holding was back. Tis gone now unless things change again.  Although there are more of them about, the aggros stay off deed so back to suburbia and my repair/improve year – I won’t be interrupted, and the guard is fired again but what a blast while it last

ed. (I’m never giving up bad poetry)


Romeo, wherefor art thou? There art potatoes needing peeled.

I’m hoping things still walk about in the perimeter – but so far not much there.


err…. you can leave those potatoes just outside

I’m really grateful for the fun – was much needed. Tx Rolf.

Why are all the house walls pink? Even the stone ones. I just noticed.

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