Giving Twitter a whirl then (things in general)

Since there is a gap in the barbed wire which Scotland may or may not wish to escape through, the hysterical targetted ranting in Westminster has become a distant tinny oinking, and I could reasonably ignore it for the time being. They all sound disjointed and overstimulated to me. Has anyone ever checked for lead in those ancient pipes? I do hope no money is going up noses.

Whatever, another day, another flirt with things they did not ought to play with. Yesterday was food vouchers instead of cash – a visible mark of poorness when they are used; a second class, less valuable currency for those scapegoated – and incidentally these things can only be used in “approved outlets” and will be adminstered by an “agency”. (Toot toot all aboard the 2 new gravy trains!) Though I can’t wait to give up the passives again, I think all the little things that are going on amount to scary and I’d like to be alert to that, and informed about the issues.

The press – sigh of exasperation – well I’ve ended up being a Guardian reader (which is a term of derision in some circles) but only because the rest are even harder to get information out of. Like trying to open a door in a tilted building. Enthusiasts tell me you can get current news via Twitter. Hmmm. Well I’m not wanting it for social interaction. (I still don’t watch tv).

Bus remains the best bet for keeping finger on the pulse still – human interaction, simple and not very fashionable. Doesn’t even need forced grouping. However I’m on the lookout for signs and portents that I won’t be able to pick up there. Mainly when I see the wide-bottomed and complacent getting uncomfortable I’ll be reassured that sense will prevail, if not decency. The wide-bottomed are unlikely to shift to change or improve the government for anything less than poverty creeping upwards far enough to nibble at their …toes. Sooner or later it will. They don’t subject their cushioned bums to buses though, so the comments section of the press is where to look for signs of anxiety and possibly Twitter, I’ll look.

More worryingly I dread unrest. People of reproductive age often mistake the excitement for a hormonal surge and can quite enjoy it whether participating, viewing or actively quelling it but for children particularly it is dangerous and destructive. More so as the adults that ought to be protecting and guiding them are not at their most rational. All too often you see children doing foolish and foolhardy things in such situations. I don’t like what unrest does to ordinary people at all. The force used to stop unrest is also not gentle. I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that, and frankly the poor, ill, disabled and unemployed have so far appeared to be hugely aware that they will be even further persecuted should there be any such occurrence, and no matter who is really involved. But each time there is another weird one lobbed at the populace from on high civil unrest becomes more likely.

Bedroom tax next month.

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