Cosmic Scottish grannies on the bus

Of course the grannies I meet on the bus were all punk rockers in their yoof – I’m pretty mild compared (and not granny yet). I am in awe. I was upset enough about retroactive lawmaking to post about it. It’s not the first time they’ve done it, I know. Last time it was to claw back taxes. What a perfect illustration of how ends do not justify means. Didn’t take long to start changing laws they found themselves inconveniently contravening.  Much of our life up here is still affected by Westminster. Today the date for a referendum was announced though. Perhaps soon Scotland (which has it’s own legal system anyway) will soon be independent. I hope so.

I will leave the featherduster on the crystal ball for this one and not take a guess which way the referendum will go.  My worthy busmates had a certain small bright gleam in the corner of their eyes though and the conversation was alive with humour. I think it is fair to say the grannies and I relish the sparring ahead of us (whatever the outcome).

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