Democracy in action = ur Walletvote

An x in a box every five years isn’t much democracy really. The nice thing about a walletvote is that you don’t need a big movement or organisation or Twitter campaign for it to work. People are quite capable of coming to their own conclusions independently of each other and walletvoting accordingly, giving a fairly true indication of what they want, if not what they think is right and just.

Other nice things about walletvoting it are: you can do it whenever you feel like it, it doesn’t disrupt public order, and if doing a “right and just” it gives you a small feeling of achievement instead of a feeling of helplessness. Assuming of course you’re a decent human being. You can also take it at your own pace and nobody breathes down your neck to check if you’re sticking to your guns.

The gravy train floats on subsidies (and some aboard subsidise others making a seemingly indestructible structure). The whole lot have a fatal weakness – they need money given to them. They can’t exist without financial support. This weakness is further exacerbated by the fact that they are frightful at managing money. They probably actually need your 50p, having squandered vast amounts of handout.

It is a trap to think in terms of big campaigns and large swiping blows for a walletvote. A steadily declining income is more effective, giving people time to change. A steadily, noticeably, declining income makes collectives and organisations very interested in feedback.

To give you an idea here’s my own loosely boycotted personal naughty step at the moment. I found it through a few minutes on Google and have (on the whole) avoided giving money to any collective/organisation on it while I find alternatives which is not too effortful – in fact it’s quite pleasant. (I have located the local farmer’s market now and am looking forward to investigating): – organisations who don’t pay some of their workers any wages. And get a subsidy from the government for it  – on top of the free labour (as if that wasn’t enough).

and not to be too negative I have a small amount of money in the local Credit Union, which I don’t borrow from. I know that money will be put to work (not hoarded or invested in some fabricated money-sink.) It will be loaned out to help local people who need it and continually recycled through the local economy. I assume the big charities do good work somewhere but (maybe it’s just luck) I never, ever come across anyone in need who actually recieved any help from them. (quite a few charities are listed in the link above too, for shame!!!)

I am also looking at this: some good people in here, though I don’t know that I’d vote for them. Positive walletvote though, quite possible:

People wondering why Kickstarter is popular despite a sort of averagey success rate are missing the fact that it is one of the clearest positive walletvoting systems around. People like that. A lot.   Gamers lead the world!

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