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Unfortunately our lords and masters have discovered that they can do things to “The Law” and are passing some odd ones. There was that one not long ago that says everyone is perfectly healthy until they can prove they weren’t which proof becomes immediately void from that moment and only counts for a subsection of the past (conveniently defining people out of sickness and disability – yes they actually did that).  And now, we just got one about press regulation which I can’t make head nor tail of. If it stops the press hounding and persecuting people then fair-does – but I’m not sure it does. It seems to go allover the houses eventually ending up as a muzzle on things which present the the powers that be in an unfavourable light. The one thing it should do – prevent harassment, is barely there, a thin excuse for clamping down on other and extremely valuable press freedoms. It  then sort of halfway to protects itself from being repealed which turns out to be very important. Amongst other things apparently blogs might need to sign up to some regulatory body or risk fines. I just want to indulge in my hobby in peace – what happened to “normal”  in this place???

I’ll keep an eye, but mah blog isn’t getting mixed up in this muddy shambles.  I’d rather shut it down. As things stand, as a single blogger I fall outside the regulatory thing – but then here they are (this has been underreported) about to quietly change a law they broke so that they didn’t break it – not even at the time.

So sometime they could retroactively change the press regulation laws too eh, and I could be sold into slavery for something I wrote or for not signing up to the regulator although at the time I wasn’t required to but now I am because they changed the law so that I was required to because they can bend time and change history so by law it all happened differently and what really happened doesn’t count.

After the vote: I’ll take a huge chance and link to Hansard (here’s hoping parliament’s documentation won’t be illegal sometime soon!) for today’s historic doings with a handy dandy record of who voted for what at the end. Abstentions are what allowed the thing to be fast-tracked btw. And there’s been a media blackout on it. Yay for Twitter (never thought I’d say that). It is heartening that so many people can see the importance of this without media-feeding. The historical pedigree of retroactive legislation is chilling. (Mind you the passive media are probably only just discovering what their new law means. Muhahaha?) (link now updated to official record)

Daily life in this place has become very strange you know and not in a nice way.

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