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Some work is still being done on Vanguard, though the angst of the playerbase comes through very strongly when you read the forums. They are extremely alert to any signs of being abandoned again, and who can blame them. Yesterday new content was added to Lomsir. I was under the impression that this was for lvl12 ish.

I do have a tank in Lomsir at lvl 10 as it happens. Was trying to get to the Kurashasa starting zone but the portal don’t work so I was doing the other local quest line and now all what were her quests are purple (16) and the local wildlife kills her dead because it’s been buffed and she suffers from squishy tank syndrome which is an old fashioned leftover from days of yore when tanks were nobut walking gear.

So far haven’t seen any new quests to replace the purple ones anywhere either (I might be too young)… will write if I/when I do.

PS : I don’t mind my tank squishy just now because her fighting cat-squawks are so funny. It will be different when the death penalty kicks in… maybe… hahahaha!

Update: Week is over, and now I’m just playing. Yay !! I found some wildlife squishier than me and made it to lvl 11 – found one quest and got a server first for completing it (!), but no follow on. I think I already did the follow on quests to be honest… I don’t really know though.  So think I’m just going to grind on to lvl 12 – it’s very pleasant. There’s grinding and there’s grinding – I like that I can wander about and explore as I level up even if not questing. I got a “Shandrel’s Enchanted Blade” doing that too, which is a yellow  item but a shuriken which I can’t use but can maybe trade with someone in the family who can – not sure – but nice to see a yellow (some sort of yellowish colour) drop anyway :). I’m wondering if I already did the “new” content. My tank has been in the area for some while already, couple of months or so.

It used up time while I waited for someone not to “phone back” as they said they would. I hate playing phone patty. It doesn’t make me believe a person is important or busy when they do this – I mentally paste “Pratt” on them.  Phone Pratty Patties today, no. 3 in todo list, wot (waste of time). I do ’em all at the same time, then at least it’s only one morning a week spent drooling next to the phone. I do ’em on Fridays, then email them on Mondays. Sooner or later it crosses their tiny minds that I’m not playing along and they make bliddy time to speak.

Or write.

More update: Ground to 12, and found another quest, got another server first (on a chest). I think having already done the quests that were already there is aiding me some though, the new ones stand out. I got another first on some pauldrons too handing in an old quest I discovered I’d finished, and that Shandrel person, well I got a lot of his or her stuffs. Which it looks like needs to be deconstructed. I’ll read up. And plenty of leather. With my new gear my tank (“nobut walking gear”) can terrorise a better class of wildlife so I’m nearly at 13. At some point me and the game will synch I thynch but in the meanwhile I’m having a lot of fun in a rather nice not-on-rails way grinding between the quests until I catch up with the lvl 16 ones I already have. I can already nibble at those, if the wind is in the right direction and things chain and crits are big I can very sometimes take something down that’s a lot too tough for 12, but mostly I doi. I think that’s part of the fun of the class though. Dreadknights. Feeble as hamsters when bread and buttering, but now and again fortune smiles…

I will take time out to do some crafting and use up some of that leather, while nibbling at the 16 stuff very occasionally – and grinding wildlife as I explore. (Sometimes the scenery really is spectacular.) Sorry no screenies for this post. Today…once the phone calls were done, I just played. Been a long week, tired, bit terse. The tension will ease, weekend now. Relax…

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