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Belting through these while I have time. (Might not hear from me next week, it’s going to be a busy one.)

Anyway. Yes. We have the idea for our first spin-off project solid. We’ll be working up one of the game systems we need and extending it to be itself whatever that turns out to be. Jolly exciting!

Using that as a farshore, we know what we’ll need to know to make our first stab at a coherent Thing that we can even (possibly) market if we like it. But that’s not the actual aim in this case, it’s a sort of fake aim.  Really we want more to develope some kind of work ahm, don’t know what you call it – sequence that we can build on and use in future – the steps from idea to finished thing. (Is that a “pipeline” then?)

(Related – I keep losing all the links/names for all the little games I come across and like and it’s a pain to trawl through here looking for them so I’ve taken advantage of WordPress and set up an extra blog for Indie, Unusual and Older games. Mainly Indie, and mainly small. I won’t be selling our stuff there either by the way – it’s more just keeping fave games together and saying why I like them. Still setting up, will post the name here when it’s got something on it. It’s a quickfix because I know this blog needs a Graet Tidy Up and part of that is that there’s too much going on in one place…)

I diverge! Back to our spinoff. It will be single-player and we can spit it out in Unity 3 Free if necessary (Flex? HTML5?), will not require dedicated home-grown source, or very complex graphics. But an easy-to-implement ui would be nice. Might use Blender but this is a little project and probably not worth all the workarounds. Might even use it to try out various languages, hmmm not sure about that …maybe.

Time is an issue. 2013 is not the kind of year for us where there is a lot of extra time and learning the “real” stuff (coding and graphics) takes total priority. I think best to regard our spinoff as a sort of practice run and learn what we can from it. It’s a side-issue but a nice one and it’s exciting!

Right now, we’re into diagrams about the gameplay 🙂 hehehe – fun…and no, not saying what it is here and today. If it goes anywhere there’s time enough for a reveal. We’ll think up some unreasonable codename probably.

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