How necessary are backups?


Yes well the frankenstein wiring in this place did for my external hard drive, as I wrote earlier this week. There was a little spark and it died, aw! I do have a plug-effort to even out spikes in the power supply but it’s already packed. Them’s the breaks. I’m sure worse things will happen.

I still need to extract old work from the usb I put it on (actually several of them). Hoping to pick at that today, maybe, if there’s time.

I’d even forgotten I’d done that but I’m glad I’m me. I put my housekeys in the fridge now and again. I should be more… err… less relaxed about all this. Thing is mostly we’re running through tutorials just now and then taking what we’ve learned and fooling around. Nothing we did before cannot be reproduced quite fast, that’s why I’m relaxed. But yes… backups. I think having things in more than one form is a good idea, and intend, though not often (6 monthly or so), to do hard copy of any code. Paper might not be durable over centuries but it beats digital storage hands down for being the way to store “that copy you can use if you really have to”, specially given we currently have frankenstein wiring. In general I don’t like putting things only in one form  and in one place when they are this ephemeral (hence the usbs). Some irrelevant stuff needs to go on dropbox too.

It’s nice to realise how far we’ve progressed even in a month, and (yay) there is scope for a redo here and there. I shall call it “revision” and be content.

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