Ack. I’m bored. I go do something else.

Had a relatively uncluttered afternoon in the end, and like a comet the thought crossed my mind to try a new MMO. This is something of a faff as half of them don’t run on the Intel chipset with which the venerable laptop is blessed. So I might end up with a long download and nothing to play for it. As a result I filter for the games I think I’d like playing and only then take a chance and hit the download button. And of the current crop I don’t see any I would like to play that I’m not already playing. PvP(sandbox) – yawnnn. Reallywantasub – meh. Grind…. I found myself on the home page for World of Tanks which many people seem to enjoy before it hit me:

The MMO scene is boring right now.

Or OK, not much there that appeals to me right just at this moment. I look forward to EQnext – mind you it will have that c1950 marketing department to overcome. EQnext is not going to be published for some time though. Looks like I started the other blog at the right time then. The first post is started and features Frog Fractions, which I can recommend. I was able to “achieve” (pffft)  the housework and play it in short bouts and I laughed a lot!

You can find it here:

and my post on it is here, but it’s not finished because I still have some things I want to write (and I’m not finished playing it):

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2 thoughts on “Ack. I’m bored. I go do something else.

  1. I have the same problem mate. I have to travel to my desktop to get that immersive feeling provided by playing mmorpgs, but most of the modern ones won’t run on my outdated laptop, so I end up playing wow when I have free time, or DDO, which run well. I would like to play DAoC on it, which should be old enough to run, but frankly I am so bored of the same games, I am even thinking of playing warcraft 3, it’s old but never played much RTS back in the day so it seems strangely appealing

    • Yay its not just me! I forgot about DDO. Downloaded it, don’t like that Happy Cloud streamer much. I hear my hard drive working when it shouldn’t be. I’ve uninstalled it and if DDO still runs without the thing, I will try it out – thanks!

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