Theres just one problem…


There’s a shark in here somewhere

It’s Friday! Here’s an idyllic place to go. But I’m deeply scared of this quest to kill Matu Makas (Vanguard SOH) – the fear is PRIMAL. I just can’t do it!! (halp!). I’ve tried all week but I just can’t swim in that water… Well kids are home from school soon – I’m hoping one of them, brave souls, will do it for me.  I can live with the teasing, just don’t make me do the quest!

The weird thing is I’ve swum and dived in very real shark-infested waters and seen sharks often enough – off Singapore in the Straits, in Malaysia, on the Wild Coast in S.A. Or is that why I’m scared? I know exactly what might be out there…how big it might be… how it would behave. But I don’t because this is digital. I don’t trust the game to give me a big, scary but fairly predictable shark that I can stay well out of it’s way tyvm. Oh this is v. odd. Sharks can be very huge indeed. The ones I’ve come across were not huge-huge, but quite big enough to make being in another place a better idea if they got interested. What if the one out there is one of those huge jobbies the size of my living room like they used to keep in the Durban aquarium long ago (maybe they still do)…. ooooo I can’t do it….

Hats off for immersion on this one!

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