“yes, we’re adding flower pots” (Wurm Q&A)

Ohhhhhhh and yippeee! It’s a little thing but will make a huge big difference to how our rather spartan buildings look. Around 390 Wurmians squished onto IRC yesterday to have a word with the Creator, sort of, well Wurm’s version of the Creator anyway. He wasn’t chewed at all, but then we have PR to filter things. Mind you I’ve always enjoyed how he interracts with his players unguarded (and some are extremely nasty at times), but progress happens. He seems to be looking forward to working on the Epic missions too. I’m glad of that, pvp is his thing I think and I’m happy he’s getting to work on it.

Anyway, logs are up on the forums here:


it kind of ambled along, so don’t expect rivetting – but flowerbeds!

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