Why I love the Wurm forums

Unlike in so many other games, the forums of the Wurm are interesting, and often funny – or thought provoking. Even if I’ve managed to skive the maintenance that day, I usually have a read. I think a lot of former/lapsed players still read too. On my favourite subject this morning we have:




the second one made me laugh in an “aaaawww….”, gentle kind of way too. I was right though all is normal in the Wurmiverse, Rolf is doing pvp stuff, decay is being increased wherever possible. I daresay mobs are hitting harder…. what can I say? Wurm is Wurm.

And here I see we’re settling in for a good chew – at least I hope so:


The forums are pretty good. On the weekends a few (regular) trolls pop up, and also mostly on the weekends we get the “how dare you have a constructive discussion, close this topic!” and other kneejerks – fortunately not too many of these, but they’re boring as cowpucky, poor things. In general the Wurm forums are an entertaining, informative, lively (often funny) read!

Speaking for me, it’s really amazing to watch players think about design issues and put themselves in the gamemakers shoes along the way. We don’t have much of things going the other way – Rolf famously doesn’t play Wurm (he did for a bit then seems to have stopped). Hahahaha! But that doesn’t mean the playerbase is ignored either. Over the years I’ve played it’s been clear that Codeclub AB is pretty attentive and responsive to player issues.

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