What’s it got to do with games?

Referring to the Article 4 post below – I keep forgetting that people don’t necessarilily connect the same dots I do.

Games are societal minicosms and any designer worth their salt is going to be interested in how one sector seeks to dominate and exploit others. Let’s call it “loopholes” for gaming. Wurm silverdudes (and dudettes) cornering all the horses on a server (because nothing in the design stops them) is not much different to a real life hardware manufacturer ensuring that some games only run on their platform (because nothing in the law stops them). Etc. In gaming all kinds of real things get interesting. Moderation for example. I often see corrupt moderators in games. I often see misbehaving “moderators” in real life too. Quality control of enforcement is a live issue for both. Sometimes a game will find an interesting solution, sometimes life does. Need to watch both!

How exploitative people work is of huge interest to game design – unless you only want the last few pratts who drove everyone else off playing, of course.

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