OK I’m blown away

But this isn’t about that. I had a stupendous evening with Vanguard, but will get a nice screenshot for writing about it, (and find out what the rat people are actually called). Right now I am so tired, can hardly see straight. Usually I’m very good about not getting sucked in and spending long hours playing while the rest of Britain is watching tv, but Vanguard got me this time.

I was feeling guilty for not doing my half hour on Wurm though, so I started  wearily to log in. Luckily I checked the forums first:


and http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/75325-server-restart-fail/


I’m not sure what the “black hole” is but it appears to be chewing on the Exodus server, and the Celebration problem, well who knows. I keep being disconnected there it is true – probably part of this.

I have no intention of logging in just now after all. I’m gonnae lay low!, but, you know, it’s this kind of event that keeps me there too. It’s always different, Wurm, it lives and breathes alright.

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