Is Pestermonth over?

Is it over yet? Please tell me it’s finished. Well, I think it is, I hope so anyway. The February Slump will be welcome this year, and the March Misery.

I’m still getting the odd bullet through the door as someone belatedly remembers they forgot to send me some wodge of paper needing immediate attention but it’s slowed down to the odd spingggg. Well it resulted in that 4m paperwork I own being shaven down to a slim 2m. I tidied as I searched for obscure documents inexplicably suddenly required, and thinned out what I could. My filing system is quite good but could do with some Grate Reconstruction. Tweaks anyway. Will get to it. It reflects my (TM) accounting system: In, Out, State (Official). But there was too much searching so I think I’ll add a thin file of “Stuff you keep needing to produce for the same imbecile” and also, given the passage of time, it might be an idea to have 3 sets of In, Out, State – pre-2000, 2000-2010, and 2010 on. I also have some floaty bits which don’t fit anywhere. Only a few, but they are annoying when you need them because, well, they tend to float about from one category to another. Need a fixed abode.

About half of the 2m is old drawings, notes, recipes, postcards, the odd letter – that kind of thing. Keepables. I can sort and box those, and it’s fine. Will find some nicer boxes though and maybe some nicer boxfiles. In a way Pestermonth did me a favour – I wasn’t hurrying to sort through all the paper I own though I had gathered it all to one place.

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