Take a break = Lose. (Wurm Online – 30 mins/day only)

Never take a break from a game? What madness is this?

Well, as always Wurm is a bit different. Personally, and particularly now that subs are unpopular, once suckered into one I’d prefer to pay my dues and come and go as I please. Money or Time, a lock-in of one or the other is just about acceptable. In this case both are required.  Be warned: if you don’t log in to Wurm the penalties begin to accrue immediately and an upaid for deed disbands. The unpaid deed disbanding part would make sense and seem fair, freeing up the land for another player etc,  except that the rest of the penalties make it all high hokum:

Paid up deed or not, if you don’t repair your stuff  it decays unto nothing (on-deed structures only exempt). You can call repairing stuff optional if you want to. We don’t have a good word for “fake choice”. Repaired stuff loses quality by the way. You are hastening decay with the repair action. It is necessary to endlessly improve also even just to stay still. (There is also a checking action required –  repair/improve sufficiently to keep your stuff is a carpal tunnel risk. Your call.)

If you do not log in, your fields also turn into weeds, your animals die and your mine-doorless mines collapse. Trolls knock down your field walls and any remaining livestock promptly wanders off too. Ships sink. BSB’s empty themselves. And the decay rate cranks up the longer you are absent, just by the way. All on a fully paid for deed with enough in the token for more than a month. Not the world’s best deal is it?

Having got that out of the way, I quite like Wurm to be different from what I want, or else it would be called Me, and that would be boring. So until I’m ready to leave completely, I am compromising rather than taking the actual break I would like. It’s nuts though, and a recipe for burnout probably. Add inability to take a break to the reason why people do not stay with Wurm. I’m not the only person to have realised that this degree of stickiness is  ermmm …unattractive.  I’m sure Ganks did a longer post about this but I couldn’t find it and he’ll think I’m stalking him if I crawl over his blog more than I already did this morning. The gist is here in his note on Wurm in this post:


Databases is the stock excuse for decay. Well if your game involves making stuff the databases had better be sturdy and fit for purpose. An exit strategy for extra items that doesn’t annoy the paying customer isn’t too hard to create either. Any form of recycling will do it. At the moment I am penalised for databases that can’t cope by having my stuff continually degraded? Guess what, I’ll go along for now, but I’m not overjoyed.  Flavour is another reason given for decay – well nobody sits down to a full meal of salt. A little flavour goes a long way. I won’t go into the “realism” debate. There’s a tranche of players that think it’s a sim, let’s leave them to it while trolls wander through their fields.

So I’ve settled for 30 minutes a day rationing. I do not recommend it, it is not play. But it keeps things ticking over so that if I do feel like actually playing – (ie building ships, making wine, breeding horses, creating houses, smithing etc) I do not have to first break through the equivalent of the Great Wall of China in repairs. By which time the time is gone/I am bored. It is also a good way to skill some things, notably carpentry, fine carpentry and masonry.

Tl:dr – Seeding the big field in Inde takes roughly an hour per week, leaving 2 1/2 hours per week left over for repair/improve and some mining/woodcutting (plus seeding the smaller fields). If I miss a day it’s not too bad. That’s it. Dull as dishwater Wurm 2013. I’ll post if I actually do anything interesting. As item quality improves I intend to cut the time down further. 3 1/2 hours per week is still far too much for make-believe maintenance chores. Meanwhile repair/improve is an ok thing to do last thing at night or while reading the mail. In addition if I’m learning C++ syntax or  something tabbed out I don’t mind mining, so some extra non-play happens that way.

Two more things, I’m now more of a middle player than a noob, meaning when I fix things I can at the same time improve them above middleness in quality which slows decay, (o woopeee – a longer delay before it goes poof). This excercise wouldn’t be great with less skills (which is why I didn’t do it before. Backward diminished returns.) It would either take too long per day or you’d need to curtail your items to very few or kill all your animals. Item curtailment is reasonable up to a point, but bear in mind you will need a whateveritis when you get around to actually playing  – that’s what the item is ostensibly for after all.  Secondly, I have no intention of paying for this kind of thing, so a trader has been set up. I’m a good enough smith for feeding it not to be to onerous and it just about covers deed costs. Premium I pay myself. That might change though. This is after all, not the height of fun. Nor is this a very satisfactory break.

And I do need a break. Not a quit – a break.

The time may come when the stupidness of not being able to take time off whenever I have to/want to gets bigger than the enjoyment I get from being part of the best virtual world out there so far. Retaining skills during a break is only of value if one intends to return, and returning to nothing is very blah. We shall see. Meanwhile, though I don’t have carpal tunnel, my wrists and fingers certainly are feeling quite good and relaxed and unstrained these days.

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8 thoughts on “Take a break = Lose. (Wurm Online – 30 mins/day only)

  1. My experiences haven’t been nearly as dire as yours. Around Christmas, I didn’t log on for a week due to being busy with family gatherings. Yeah, my small farm turned to weeds during that time but I have so much food stored up that it wasn’t really a lose. But my horses, cows, and bisons didn’t die, my ships didn’t sink, and my BSBs didn’t disappear. I live by myself on my deed so I know no one else took care of those things while I was away.

    And since I moved onto my deed at the end of the October 2012, I’ve had to repair/imp the beds once and my ships twice. That’s all. All of my BSBs are still in great shape (although they are all within buildings) and I don’t even notice the items I lose each month.

    There’s been several times where I’ve seen deeds or undeeded settlements near me get abandoned and often the BSBs and ships outlast the house walls and I get to scavenge some great items. I’ve even found some things still inside forges. And I’ve also seen horses and even wolves live longer than the fences holding them in. And that’s AFTER the deed upkeep ran out.

    So I can imagine that if you don’t worry about your farm, you could take a break for a month without the whole place coming apart. And I hope you don’t have any chickens. 😉

    • Well now that’s a comfort! I don’t want to leave Wurm! Yes, I know what you mean about random things still standing – I’ve seen it. I keep my stuff maintained and it’s the returning player repairfest that’s offputting as much as anything – I’m doing time improving to cut that down. Hey, nice to meet you Faeldray – I’ve seen you ingame here and there 🙂 – chickens….. ohhh…. chickens!! (no chickens!)

      • Nice to meet you too. 🙂 I don’t know your in-game name so I can’t say I remember seeing you around, hehe.

        Yes, imping items really seems to help a lot. Like the beds I had to repair where only 4-6ql because I had been too lazy to imp them after I built them. And then several months later a neighbor pointed out that one was at 90+ damage…yikes! So I went around repairing and imping them all to 40+ql, which should make them last for a very long time now. I should go around and imp my BSBs soon, but the nice thing about those is you can see them decaying.

        Anyways, good luck on keeping your stuff repaired! And if you want enchanted grass for your animals, I could come over and do some for cheap. 😉

      • It seems to be working! And you get quite nice skills from the improves. Hmmm I never really thought about enchanted grass. Which server are you on Faeldray?

  2. Raykow

    Are you sure you’re playing the right game? seems like you got a lot wrong with a negative attitude towards Wurm.

    • May I point out this is not a Wurm fansite – it’s my personal blog. I feel negative towards things that annoy the pants off me – don’t you? Generally Wurm is a great game, though, and I have played and enjoyed it for quite a while.

  3. What I can tell from this blog, you dont like the time you have to put into the game?
    You ever played farmville on facebook, crops decay there too and you use alot of your time on those games too..

    How long have you played it I wonder?

    I like the game because you need to take some time to get better.. its not instant skillup or leveling like the other larger games. You work on a skill, you get rewarded for it.
    If you try to talk to the others playing, the community is one of the most helpful ones I’ve ever seen in a game. Thats one of the main reasons I love the game.

    As soon as you play a game and the things you do in it gets on you, or you get bored with it. dont play it.. playing a game is to have fun and a good time doing it.

    Best Regards

    • Ah Tailos – thank you for your concern. I don’t mind the time I spend in Wurm, but I prefer playing to makebusy/chores. For me there is too much maintenance and too little play, but I still enjoy it. I have now played hmmm – 3 years? 4? and mostly I’m happy. But some things I don’t like.

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