Inadvertant caves and a surprise (Blender, PlanetGardenShed)

Nevermind I’m sure they’ll come in handy.


As it turned out, going through the terrain was irritating me so I’ve been messing about with terrain, physics and scripting again. I won’t really be needing much bumpy terrain for TWoFB (Part I), though it is needed. In the other 2 parts it will be needed more = might as well sort it out. So I was working on that and then….


Erk! OM!G! I’ve inadvertantly done  …… LIFE!!!

And thus (with far too many calculations going on for practical use just now) was born our first Giant Primal Wooze. Oooooh!!!! (Blender Game, physics, soft body – actually Blender did it, it’s a very basic uv sphere/soft body combo, but I’m the one seeing the possibilities). There was dancing around the living room. Children were dragged from serious home decorating in EQ2 to be hugged and kissed and forced to look.

You can’t see in a still but it woozes beautifully down the hillside seeking rest and then meanders around on the plane. The low poly hillside is a shrunkwrapped ANT terrain I’m using to see if I can figure out how to stop my WASD overriding collision detection. Collision detection (convex hull on shrunkwrapped terrain) works fine if you just drop things. They spang about in a very satisfying way. I want that for WASD too. And I’ll definitely be simplifying and using that wooze.

Yes, it’s pink 🙂

(of course I do pink to annoy the boys, you don’t think I’m holy do ya?)

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