Joyously noob (Vanguard Saga of Heroes)

Once, long ago, settle down, when I started playing WoW, I had a warlock. She wasn’t the first alt I rolled but she became a favourite for being so fun to play. Then they messed around with the class and I stopped playing it. It was bland. It was generic. It was – boring. I didn’t know it at the time, but my warlock was but a pale shade of a Vanguard Necromancer. Last time I tried Vanguard I discovered Necromancers and as a result though little played due to running like a cow, Vanguard has stayed on my hard disk. I have a few of those – Fallen Earth is another, and GW2. I check on them now and again to see if they are working any better because I know when players are thin, games get around to optimising. So, with the new f2p matrix I thought I’d give Vanguard another whirl, it’s about the right time.


I played for a half hour and I was hooked. My settings are all pretty low, but it runs nicely now and I don’t want to log out after 10 minutes – a lot less sludgy, a lot, a lot. And only the occasional stutter, very occasionally. That is a huge improvement. I don’t know what they’ve done, but it meant I had time to feeeeeel the magic! Then there’s the new f2p deal, which I’ve not gone into in much detail because I can try all the classes with no fear of a cutoff at level 20. I was going to try them all anyway, if/when Vanguard ran ok, and pay for only the ones I fell so in love with so much that I could not bear to not advance them (possibly just the Necromancer). So you’d think there was no gain for SOE – but what’s happened is that “eventually try them all” turned to – “ooh I’ll try them all now”. No direct reasoning there then 🙂 Just some weirdie magic, and that’s all I needed for now from the new matrix, apparently, and Vanguard got some hours from me.  I’ll check the matrix out in detail later – and yes, browse the cash shop. Win.

Downs quickly – nag button at the top front of the screen. Hate the thing, and it makes me not want to subscribe. Settings still need to be very low – I can live with it. Funny legs – ditto. That’s about it. I am having fun with tanks – above is a very young paladin that I’m off to play right now for a half hour before I mustneeds go out.

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