Love from Leith

I am scrabbling this out not in my usual cozy nest, but from a nice internet cafe in Leith – this is the life! I have just photocopied a yooge form, with some help from the proprietor (how kind!) to keep the pages in order and work the machine, and now, by the Gods of Technology here I am blogging my blog from not home. Hehehe. Little things make me happy!

My webhome in Leith is the Citynet Internet Lounge (267A Leith Walk) and very pleasant it is too – no purchase of coffee required, just use the net is fine. It’s always good to come across good places – happy to plug 🙂

(Enlarged day after ): I was glad to find this. Walking, which I love, makes my old back hurt after a certain point and rest is required. The Internet Lounge has nice comfy seats. It was busy while I was there, with all the computers being used. Though it’s called a lounge, it’s not a loungy lounge, like a coffee shop or anything. Just an internetty place with terminals screened off from eachother. I like that. I was able to do what I wanted to without feeling I had to do loungy-eaty things. Computers and food dont really go together anyway. Leith isn’t on my list of oft visited places but maybe now I’ll visit there more oft. Incidentally since it was snowing when I set out, I was firmly in demented tramp meets pom pom outfit (comfort>everything) but was treated like a perfectly respectable human being nonetheless.

Once you start with the walkabouts, they become addictive. Due to assorted rocks and hard places I’m Mrs Shreddynerves just now, and I don’t mind spending time just walking. It was out yesterday I realised that I’ve done what I can about life’s little problems and if things go awry although it will not be nice, some really stupid situations will cease too.

Stress level plumetted like a stone on that cheery thought.

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