Told ya something was up with the meat

Although I don’t think my roast pork was horse. Still, tighter labelling ftw – whatever they did to meat up here over the Christmas period, it wasn’t on the pack. I haven’t bothered buying any fresh meat since. It really was awful. But I’m having fun with gammon on the premise that it’s already loaded with preservatives and they won’t need to add/spray on more. Or whatever it was.

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2 thoughts on “Told ya something was up with the meat

  1. Yea, it’s not often you get to say this in terms of anything related to animal welfare in the Republic, but ‘thank god the Irish were on the ball’…. though how much of an animal rights issue and just a ‘yick’ issue it will be to them remains to be seen.

    • I heartily thank the Irish !!, Here it is purely a yick issue presswise, with a half hearted smattering of blame for our own agencies. Our press is pants though.

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