The shortsighted leading the delusional into busywork.

Well I do grudge being out and about more these days, because I’d rather my head was safely in the garden shed twiddling with an imaginary spaceship, but have to admit the prevailing milieu is good for a laugh. I’ve never seen so much totally purposeless rushing about. I mean, I know it’s January when this type of headless chicken act is traditional, but even for January it’s a bit mad.

Edinburgh in the freshness of weekday morning doesn’t look bustling – and I imagine this is repeated throughout the land – it looks like a bunch of people trying to look purposeful and important with no time to lose. So… they walk fast. Giggle 🙂 In high heels hehehee. We’re having a tram put in, like that’s going to help anything, so they must avoid potholes and go through deviations too. Then there is suits. Suits are funny too.

How long have men been wearing those excruciatingly boring outfits that require a dry cleaner, of all the senseless waste. Hmm let me think, it’s Scotland, it tends to be cold in winter, colder than a suit can cope with anyway. And hot in summer, hotter than – oh I know I’m wasting my breath but it really is an impractical item of garb. And ugly. And boring. And stale. And stinky – a lot of men don’t dry-clean often.

All in all travelling to work is a colossal waste too, but I expect it will take some kind of huge crisis for the obsession with roads and vehicles to ever lose grip, and the equally wasteful obsession of placing people in boxes for the greater part of each day. It’s all highly silly and will be looked upon by our descendents, if we have any left, with awe.

Then there is the delusional inability to cope with limitation. Well, you know, if there is a limit to something, or a downside, going into spasms of denial isn’t very helpful. Needs must have a good look at it and find a way around. It’s become taboo now to state a fact that points out an obvious obstacle. Such as, “I cannot be a catwalk model because I have neither the looks nor the height nor the youth”. Only the scrawniness. So – that would be seen as being negative, and obstructive and putting myself down – or complaining. Nonsense! It’s just that I have neither the looks nor the height nor the youth to be a catwalk model – duh. Dying people cannot work, pls get over it, and err if I say I cannot lift an hgv, I mean it. No amount of positive thinking will help! Try driving the thing instead eh. And as for the catwalk, well, err, way around that is to figure out why anyone would want to be such a thing and achieve the outcome a different way.

Outcomes – now there’s a thing. People who actually look for “Who gains from this?” (in their day to day lives) appear to have become extinct. I see everywhere folk doing stuff that just has no outcome. And everywhere else people doing things which obviously has a stupid outcome, which they’ve been persuaded or forced into. Pfft whatever it is I always look to see who gains what never mind the plausible arguments. It’s the only way to deal with “For the Community” scammers. It’s such a good way to make decisions, I do wish people would use it more. I think just about every religion has a version of “by their fruits ye shall know them” – good thoughts and actions leading to good results is what to look for. Rubbish results = it’s no good no matter how flowery the rhetoric.

Anyway I enjoyed being out and about so much yesterday I’m off to do it again today plus I have errands. Soon I do a walk about for pure pleasure, alas not today though I will make the errand doing last a little longer than it needs to. Within the limit of – it’s freezing out there!!

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