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I can recommend long walks for restoring perspective and humour and other good things. It’s been a very grumpy January, and yes lot of crud going on, but also true, I have been very grumpy. But I do have the Grate Reconstruction of 2013 to look forward to as I remembered while out in the ice. And I think Linux will be a part if that. I’ve had it with Windows.

When I re-install Windows (had to do it again after I was fooling around with video capture software) it is truly remarkable how much other stuff comes along with it and with the stuff that comes along with the stuff. I end up with something not only bloated, but really hard to work with. It second-guesses, buries configuration options where they are hard to find and is generally manipulative and half the time I don’t know what it’s doing or if I want it to do it. That’s in my words.

Today, back in out of the cold I happened across this article, which is one of those nice life-concidences that expand on what you were already thinking. They could be omens, those, or they could just be universal mechanistic freak thingies. Either way jolly handy for me, here it is all beautifully explained much better than I could explain it. Why I am moving over to Linux :

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