Plod, plod, plod

Yes, it’s one of *those* times again. Footsoldier stuff. No thinking just keep going, my soul is not singing like a sewing machine like it usually does. It’s just mundane things that have to be got through – and once again like a few weeks ago, just rather a lot of them. So, got nothing to blog about.

I have been mostly taking refuge in EQ2 because the last thing I want when I stop is more mundane slogging. A little adventure and no nonsense about play gated behind maintenence is suiting me better just now. Plus, I keep discovering new things I didn’t know were there… is there no end to the content, systems, lore? – it’s a very big game and it takes me out of the rut I’m in beautifuly. It is much bigger than I had realised. I notice it’s much livelier now than it was before – I think people are playing it more, or returning to it as other games disappoint. I still think the SOE marketing is barking, but the game itself remains something out of the ordinary.

Wurm… is sitting evilly with life at the moment, since it just replicates the tedious work already done for real during the day. And I feel crowded !!  Deeds being founded left right and centre as people return and new people arrive, which is great for Wurm, but not great for me. Last thing I need is to log on and have someone’s nose up my bhind whichever way I turn.  All in all it feels like just another version of what I would like a break from. I have been plodding along there too, but mostly to set things up for not being there daily. Or being there for only a very short time daily, or something – it’s absurd the level of commitment ideally needed. Like having a wife, or a mortgage, or a job – that size of big commitment, which is no good for me since I need my commitment for more appropriate things. On the other hand, it has that magic of being another world – so there’s still that.

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